On monday we didn’t go to classes because it was a public holiday, we were not allowed to go to our various homes because its a two days holiday, monday and tuesday,, so its just our play days in st charles, the couch has already put it that we train morning and evening for this two days while others will go as usual,, so that monday I woke up very early, went to the field for training, after training I went home, took my bath and join my two king kongs to play whot cards,, after which I letter slept off,,

I woke up at around 2pm, my two friends are not in the room, I went to the bathroom to wash my face, there I remembered that I haven’t checked my whatsapp chat since last night,, after keeping my face clean I wiped it with my cloth, went to my bag and applied a little powder, then switched my phone to chat with my friends,,
I have many new chatters, so I open one who said hi, I replied with helo, he seems to be online, one thing about peoples that use whatsapp in school is that we don’t put our own pictures on the profile pics, because the school staffs and securities always caught students with phones every day, so that if they catch any student and open his or her whatsapp , they will be unable to identify all those students on the list, chuks told me that, and I concur,,, so I checked the person profile pics, but he/she is just using the picture of 2pac with gun on street,,how are you tony, he chatted, am fine, who am I chatting with, I replied, its emeka, form ss2,,

Me. Number 7

Emy, lol yea,,

Me. Emy how far nah,

Emy. Today’s training dull me oo,

Me. Na so e suppose be nah,

Emy. Couch told me today to work on my strength, and I have been planning to obey him, and he also told me you could help me, that I should talk to you,,

Me. Where are you now?? Let’s talk face to face,

Emy. Am in the room, ok come to our room nah,,

Me. Am on my way ok,

Emy. Ok thanks,,

I went to my wardrobe, wear my short red man united jersey, and my red purple square polo, then dashed out to senior emy’s lodge, their lodge is close to girls hostel, on getting there, i located their room and knocked, who is that?, a hard voice asked, fear first catch me oo,, the voice rock I swear, I managed to answer, its me, then They opened the door,

Me. Good afternoon senior,, am here to see senior emy,

Senior. Wow tony the super hero, come inside, and feel free, emy is in the bathroom, he will soon be here,,

I looked at his hand, he was holding a blackberry phone, then many things started running in my mind,this guy is not being careful with this phone of a thing in this school,because not using phone in st charles is one of the biggest rule in st charles and the penalty is very huge,, (expel from the school) what if he got caught with this phone, what if its a security man that knocked, then his voice brought me back,,

Senior. Tony I heard you also breaks the school law as well,,

Me. How senior, I heard you also use cell phone in this school,,

Me. Noo,

Senior.( Laughs for sometimes,) but I was here when emy was chatting you nah, so u can’t lie to me, just look at mine here am also a member so don’t fear, nothing is going to happen,, are you here with your phone??

Me. Nooo, I left it at home,

Senior. (Laugh for sometimes,)why nah, guest you are afraid right?

Me. Yea,

Senior. ok. I will collect your number from emy so we can chat more and I will connect you with many girls around the world so that your chatting will be more fun ok,

Me. Ok,
Emy. Hy tony my man sorry I delayed you, just need to take my bath that’s why,

Senior. Emy abeg una go try go out because that my girl go soon come, I wan yansh her today,

Emy. Ok, tony were can we go,?

Me. I was about saying to the pitch when a knock came to the door and senior opened it, there came in a girl,
When I saw her face, I almost shouted
Guest who???


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