I turned to see senior ivie following me,,
When she got close, dan and chuks greeted her, good evening senior, they said, good evening dear, you guys can go back now and have your fun, I want to talk to him, she said as they both turned back,

Me. good evening senior,

Ivie. Tony how are you, why are you walking like that, do you have any injury??

Me. No just tired, that’s why,

Ivie, ok, you know I wasn’t at brains academy today, but I prayed you never get another injury today,,

Me. Hahahahhahaha I don’t get injuries everyday, I said as we got inside our room together,

Ivie. Hope you did not stress your self much, on the match,?

Me. No

Ivie. ok You know its a big offence to see a girl in boys quarters not to talk of entering a room, I guest I should be going, before the securities comes around,

Me. Ok, thanks,

Ivie. What will you be doing in here now, hope you will take long to come out,

Me. I want to refresh up, and change to something good, then I will come out,,

Ivie. In that case, let me wait for you since you wont be staying long,

I wanted to turn her down, but she didn’t insisted, so I let her,,,

I went to the bathroom and was taking my bath when I remember that I didn’t even select the cloths that am suppose to wear and also take them with me to the bathroom, because I have a female visitor, I can’t change were she was, after taking my bath, I cleaned up my body still thinking of what else to do, when I decide to tie a towel, to the room then pick my cloths and return to the bathroom to change,, so I tied my white towel, went to the room, and was selecting my cloths,

Ivie, maybe I can massage your body so u can feel better,

Me. No senior am ok,

Ivie. You don’t seem, you are too weak for my liking,

Me. You its normal, players are always weak after match or training,

She stood up, came closer and said in low voice,

Ivie, tony I still insist you come and lie down while I massage your body,( as she drags me to the bed side,)

I lied down with my belly on the bed and my face facing the bed, then she climbed on me, and I laughed,
You see I know you will like it, she said as she started massaging my shoulder, after sometimes on the shoulder, she came over to the waist, and was gently shifting my towel, my eye turned red, as I know what am faced with, and I started breathing so fast, are you ok, she asked, yes I answered,
Then she continued, but she kept of from my waist side, stand up, she ordered, and I did,
She came close and planted a nice kiss on my lips, I wanted to reject it and slap her, but her lips are so sweet to reject, then I started kissing back, we kissed on as we roll on the be, my hand traveled from her back to unzip her bra as she pull of her shirt still kissing, her nice portable b..bs stairing at me, asking me to kiss them, I got a hold of one and she left out a soft moan, I started feeding my self with the order, she grab my johnthamos, and was scrubbing it, she was just a professional, and I was feeling it high, then our lips found each other again as we locked up on a french kiss, but my hands never left her b..bs, and this time she was moaning on my mouth as I was doing my great job on her b..bs,

Then she pulled off her skirt as I remove my trauser letting out my johnthamos, whom has been looking for a way out, she hold it and was scrubbing it ask I helped her pull her pant, oh she was so wet, I slipped a finger in her kitty, she is not even a virgin, she moaned as I led her on my bed and was about penetrating her when a knock came to the door,,


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