I dribbled him, and fired a shot to the net, and the whole peoples shouted in joy
then I took off to celebrate my goal, I was running toward our students to celebrate with my two friends, senior fayo was the one that is suppose to grab me, but I didn’t let him, I ran passed him hoping to hug my two friends when emeka played a nice dive on me and go me down at the middle of the field,
In a second the whole of our players were ontop of me celebrating the goal,,

The celebration lasted for more than 3 minutes before it got faded away, but not on our students outsider, they were still celebrating it, making more noise than the school we came to visit,
We got back to the center field to continue, but immediately brains players kicked off, sounded the final whistle, then the celebrations came back fully, all our students ran to the field, everybody was jumping on me, much hug that I even got tired of hugging girls, my two friend were so proud of me, the guarded me like ronaldo off the field, I was so happy, miss ade never left my side through out this celebrations, she was smiling all along all the teacher present gave me there hugs one by one, I hand shake with my fellow player and students, it was an unforgettable memory,

All this while I didn’t see amina around, we got to were the bus was packed, as we all entered the bus because it was getting late to delay more, I got to my seat, but someone has already seated there, I looked up to see the person, it was amina, I didn’t even talk to her, I got down, and asked permission from the couch to follow the other bus,
Why? He asked, I wanted to seat beside my friends, I said, ok go on, he said, I went to the bus, it was already full but I attached my self somewhere, then the bus set off following the first bus carrying the players,,, I was so happy, thing about how happy I have made friend,

On the way we lost track of the first bus, because our own bus was caught on hold up, when we got to the school at around 6.45pm, all the students were standing outside welcoming the first bus, the principal, the teacher, the whole students, were there, when our bus arrived, and pulled off, the whole students ran toward us in joy, because they must have heard that we won the match,

The students in the bus started to get down one by one, when it got to my turn, I came down and the whole student rushed me, then the celebrations begun again, after the much hugs and handshakes, we got to where the principal were waiting with the teachers, he hugged me and so do the teacher, then I went to were my fellow players were seating down, as I also sat down, then the principal calmed the whole students down as he begins,,,…. You all has made us proud once again, we are proud to have you all in this school, after your first match with macorns, I was convince that we are up for this trophy, and today you guy has proved it to me that you are capable,this calls for celebrations,, let the canteen team bring us here, the whole soft drinks and snacks for the whole student, and if its not enough, let them other outside, we are going to celebrate from now till 8.pm, here we all will take our dinner before going for prep,then he turned to the players,, I am so so happy with your performance today, and I promised to reward you guys handsomely,
The goal scorer,the whole players,and the couch, you all worked very hard to make the school proud,and this time the whole school will work hard to make you all happy, go back to your various lodges to refresh up and come back here for the celebrations to begin,,

I got up to meet chuks and dan, as we headed back for our room,

Chuks, wow tony, you made us all proud today,

Dan. You know I taught you would miss that goal oo,

Chuks, me too, I taught he will even fall down self, or shoot the ball to the goalkeeper,

Me, I nearly fall down oo because of the pressure,

Dan. You could have see the way amina celebrated that goal, she was so over joyed, she was shouting all through the game, calling your name when ever the ball was passed to you, she never seats,,

Me. How did you know all this,?

Dan. You know she was seating besides me, and chuks,

Chuks. Tony that girl really loves you oo,

Me. Abeg forget her, let me go in jari,

I was about going in when I heard my name, TONY….


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