Its saturday morning, and everything is still going on smoothly, but amina is still not talking to me, and I haven’t had a chat from her or senior ivie, perhaps, then never believed its me, and my unknown chatter, kept on playing with me, he/she makes sure to keep the chat so updated to avoid getting me to stop chatting, I have bleeped miss ade twice this week and I am beginning to see what I am to loose if am truly a priest,

We had our football training on wednesday morning after the training the couch informed us that we will be having our second leg match on saturday which is today, which is against brain academy grammar school ikoyi lagos,

I woke up very early,my room mates were still sleeping, I prayed for the god I believe has left my side a long time ago, prepared and went to the pitch to have some exercise on my own because I needed to keep fit for today’s match, I jogged around the field and did some little personal training, the couch came around 6.Am, and found only me in the field jogging, he was so happy, and promised to train me more, it was around 6.30 player started coming in, I guest after morning assemble,, they jog while the couch left me to rest, after they are done jogging, we did a little training and the went to our various rooms,
To get ready for the journey at 2.pm,,

Chuks. Tony when did you left here for the pitch that you didn’t attend the assemble,

Me. 5.00 am,

Chuks. And were did you go first before the pitch?

Me. No were I went straight to the pitch,

Chuks. You were there all alone?? How possible??

Me. I just need to be alone to have my personal training to keep up fit,

Chuks. Personal training ko, keep feet ni,

Dan,, eeen tony how is today’s match going to be, can I go with you guys,

Me. You can if the bus enters you, because apart from the players more 50 students will follow us to be fans as instructed by the principal,

Dan. Ok I will try, but I know you are not going to break you leg today,

Chuks. Perhaps head this time,,

They both laughs while I left them to freshen up,, after my bath I relaxed to rest a bit,, I woked up around 1.21pm by chuks, hey man player are already going in to the bus, I quickly got up, wore my red trackers like that of snoop dog with my red man united red man united jersey packed my kits to my little bag and rushed out heading to were the couch said the bus will be,

I got there around 1.44 pm, there is much players already,(always late) I went inside the bus, greeted all the players, both the ones I have been chatting with on whatsapp, I found an empty seat around my number 7, the igbo guy, then we got to discussion, (oh I forgot to tell you, we both have been chatting on whatsapp from the first day) we talked about how the ball is going to be, and if we will be able to conquer this time around, how we are going to catch new friend at brains academy, and have new whatsapp numbers, I was so happy this guy is very friendly,

The bus kicked of at 2.14 pm, we were going with 2buses, one carrying the players some teacher, and some senior students, which includes, miss ade, miss sandra and amina, both at the front, and the other bus at the back carrying other students,, it was a noisy journey because the players never stopped singing and dancing,

We got there at exactly 3.45 p.m, there student were already were already Everywhere, with their day wear, walking around and also staring at us, the bus packed and we all got down,, oh they have very pretty girls, and their day wear makes it more visible,

We got down and was welcomed by the teachers, they showed us their pitch, we saw their players getting ready for the match, with there couch, we sat down and the cough told us to start kiting, amina eyes were fixed on me, after kiting we did a little jogging, then the couch shared the jerseys to our 1st eleven players, I got my number 9jersey to start the game,

Which I quickly wore, getting ready to conquer brains academy,,


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