First I was shocked at the question, I kept mute for like 50seconds, I was thinking maybe senior ivie was working for the school, if I tell her she will tell the principal, or maybe she was, or maybe she saw chuks post on the group and decided to find out her self if its real, or maybe she just want my number, I was still thinking when I remember what miss ade told me,,( tony apart from me and your fellow room mates, don’t let anyone else know about this phone not even your best friend, because peoples are very wicked, your best friend can betray you tomorrow, when ever they see your making it in life than them, so be careful,) immediately I got my self back, I answered ,

Me. No how can I be defiring the school law,

Ivie. Are you sure? You know am your friend, tell me the truth,

Me. Am saying the truth,

Ivie. Ok I believe you,

I left her to meet dan because the prep time is already over and students have started trooping in, we searched for chuks, and we found him with some group of boy discussing, when went in, dan rushed his bed, while me and chuks went back to our whatsapp chat,

Me. Guy senior ivie called me out tonight during the prep time,

Chuks. What for,

Me. She was asking if I had a cell phone,

Chuks. Hmmmmm, and what did you tell her,

Me. No ofcus,

Chuks, noo,?? you don’t have to fear her, I told she also has a cell phone so she wont expose us, if she do, she exposes her self, and probably she will chat you tonight,, what are you going to tell her,

As we were talking chats notifications kept beeping my phone,

Me. Chat me?

Chuks, yes nah, you are a new face of that group almost all the member will chat you to know you well and maybe she will be among,

I looked at my phone and saw 18 whatsapp notifications, I started chatting them back as instructed my chuks, introducing my self and making new friends, when I got to my sweet heart, (hope you already know who am talking about) (miss ade,) I had 5 massages from her,

Miss ade. Hi baby,
hope you got home safely,
hope you remembered all that I have told you play your game safe,
today was the best day of my life all thanks to you,
you are really hot as a learner you really made my day,,

Me. Good evening ma.

Then I had another new notification, which reads

New chat. Hi dumb head,

Me. Helo,

New chat. tony So its you, you think we will not know right,

Me. Please who are you?

New chat. Forget about who I am, anyway am so happy to have you here, at least I will be able to communicate my baby boy,

Me. Am not you baby boy,

miss ade chats…

Miss ade. Good evening tony how are you?

Me. Fine ma,

Miss ade. How was the prep?

Me. Fine ma,

Miss ade. I can see you are really enjoying your new phone,

Me. Yes ma, thanks so much ma,

New chats….

New chat. But tony how did you even have a cell phone, because I know you didn’t come to this school with it, so how manage,

Me. I will tell you if you tell me who you are,

New chat. Tony you are always sharp, she as you sharperly turned this to bisness, anyway if you want to see me, come outside the your door, am. There now waiting to see you,

I turned to see chuks already sleeping on her bed, I gently kept my phone went to the door and gently opened it, but no one was there, I stepped out and searched but no one, so I gently locked the door and went in, to avoid security matter,

Miss ade, hey tony are you sleeping already?

Me. No ma.

Miss ade, tony you really made my day today with that hot fun, thanks,

Me. Ma I also enjoyed it,

Miss ade. Really?? You are welcome to have me anytime.

I didn’t reply that, because i. Don’t know what else to say,

New chat…

New chat. I know perhaps you are already out searching for me, I thought you are even more sharp to notice that no student is allowed out by now, and me standing by your door with my cell phone,?? Haahahaahha tony you got it wrong this time,,

Me. Please who are you,

New chat. Don’t worry you have been playing with me for long, and this time around its my turn, when am done with you will respect me. And know that I am a genus,

With anger I switched my phone off and went to bed, thinking who this might be,,??

Who could this be????


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