Me. Yes ma i have,,
Miss ade. Did they agree to keep it a secret?
Me. Yes ma,
Miss ade. Wow what a wonderful room mates you have, Hope they won’t fail you one day,
Me. No ma I trust them,
Miss ade. Anyway they looks cool to me,now come and go back and remember to come to my office after school tomorrow,,for the phone, and also don’t forget to always take your drugs,
Me. Thank you ma,

I went home that evening to meet my two funny roommate looking at me in amazing way,
Dan, hmmm tony, hmmm tony,
Me. What again now,
Dan. You and miss ade, imaging someone who is not related to you in anyway promising to reward us, handsomely for taking care of you, hmmmm tony,
Chuks. Oboy I see better love for that woman eyes for you, its was burning in her eyes like the eclipse, I don’t think this una relationship is ordinary, but all the same congrate,
Me. Congrate for what?
Chuks. For having a very beautiful, intelligent and charming young lady like miss ade to care for you, am happy for you,
Dan. I like that woman shaaa,
Me , na una sabi,

Soon it ranged for dinner, we went to the hall and after dinner, they all went for prep,
Though I didn’t go that night because I was feeling cold, I went straight to my our room and slept off, next morning was monday I woke so early to prepare for lectures, dan and chuks were still sleeping, I knelt down and pray, immediately I ended my morning rosary, the school bell roared, which signaled to be 5.am,
Dan. Ooooooh why must it have to be now,
Chuks. Don’t mind them, they will not let person sleep,
Me. Wake up, this dumb heads, its 5am,
Dan. Oh I know you must be awake already,
Did she came last night??
Me. Who, ?
Dan. Amina.
Me. No why do you ask?
Dan. When we all entered the prep hall last night, she was so angry that you didn’t come with us, and was asking of you, when I told her you were feeling cold, she stumps out of the hall with speed and angry face, leaving her friends behind,
I even thought she was coming here to see you,
Me, but you know its impossible for her to be here, because the security wont let her,
Dan. That means you don’t know the kind of power that girl has, she can disappeared to be here,
We both laughed aloud for long,
Chuks. Oh you guys are even worst than the bell, as he gets up and headed for the bathroom,

We prepared and went to class,
immediately I entered amina came to me,
Amina. Tony how are you,
Me. Fine and you,
Amina. Not fine, I heard you were not feeling fine last night,
Me. Yea but is that why you said you are not fine?
Amina. Yes because I never rest thinking of what must have happened to you again, and how are you now??
Me. Fine ma, thanks soo much and please be fine now,
As we were still discussing, miss sandra teacher entered, and amina went back to her seat,
Miss sandra, is our biology teacher, she is about 25-27 year old, slim fit like that of figure 8, has nice curve and waist and b..bs like that of nicki minaj, fair in complexion and very beautiful lady, she has a gap teeth and a very nice blue eyes, and her pink lips always make me wanna stair, all the boys in our class loves her and always stays quiet on the class whenever she Is teaching, maybe because of her beauty, she is a Calabar woman according to the students, she taught us biology that morning for like 30 minutes and gave us class text, after the text we all passed out books to miss sandra whom marked them immediately after the correction, with the help of some student,
Miss sandra.stood up while holding my test book, Who is this onyejena anthony??
Me. Yes ma. I stood up,
she looked at me for a while and continued,
Miss sandra. You must be new to this school, me. yes ma,
Miss sandra. Are you note the guy that was injured on the pitch on saturday,?
Me. I am ma,
Miss sandra, wow you are great I must confess, you are a very good footballer, you saved us and got injured for us, the school is proud of you,
Me. Thank you ma,
Miss sandra. Were are you from tony?
Me. Anambra state ma.
Miss sandra, no wonder, only igbo guys can be this talented,
me. Thank you ma,
Miss sandra, class do you all know why I called him up,??
All students. Nooooooo
Miss sandra. He is the only student that scored 10/10 on this text,while amina scored 9 and also followed by chuks, whom scored 8, wow am so happy for this guy here,
1) He is the guy that made us happy in the pitch last saturday and also helped us to defeat our opponent,
And 2) because this class has finally found someone who can challenge and defeat amina, and from today tony here is going to me my personal assistant in this class, because he is very handsome and intelligent,
All the students. Yes ma.

Wow I started feeling shy, cus all the female students eyes were fixed on me, maybe to find the handsomeness miss sandra was talking about,

Miss sandra. Tony you will help me carry this books to my office when you are done hiding your face,
Me. Yes ma,
I arranged all my books back to my locker and locked it,
Amina. Ain’t you taking those books to miss sandra office, mr handsome?
Me. Oh am about,
Amina, see tony you managed to beat me today on the text, but I promise you next time will be hot,
I smiled and took the books and headed out to miss sandra office,
I was still on my way when I heard my name, tony, I turned back to see miss ade coming behind me,

To be continued


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