Fear engraved me, cus I have lost the courage to tell them that kind of thing, but I gathered some more to speak,
Me. You guy promised to keep the secret for me,
Chuks. since nah,
Me. Ok nah, I want to start using a cell phone in this room, and I want it to be among us, any of you can also use it, am call anybody he wants,

After I finished saying it, they both looked at me in a surprising way and started laughing as if they won a lottery to America, I was full of surprises and they kept laughing and throwing them selves around on the floor,
I felt anger, that I stood up and wanted to walk out of the door but Chuks called me back, still laughing, he stood up went to his bag, deep his hand and to my surprise he brought out a beautiful white Android phone, Dan rushed to the door and locked it,
Chuks. See Tony I have been using a cell phone in this school from my jss2 class till now and nobody knows, me and Dan has been keeping it for that long, so why won’t we keep yours,
Me. Jesus so you guy have been keeping this for me for this long? And you will call me your roommate,
Dan. No Tony the day we concluded to tell you, was the day we heard in school that from the seminary and you know peoples from the seminary are sons of God, they always keep the rules, and says whatever bad they see, so that’s why we kept it from you please forgive us,
Me. Am not forgiving any of your unless you buy me, malam suya,
Malam is the school gateman but sells suya infront of the school,
Chuks. Ok we promise, how are you going to buy the phone in question??
Dan. Yes I been dey wonder ooo,
Me. Miss ade promised to give one of hers tomorrow,
They both shouted heeey!!!!!!
Dan. I talk am, see na love be that, I talk am say she go spoil you,
Chuks. Tony remember my dream ooo, e go so come to life,
Me. Abeg make Una no dey think negative, she just want to give me, with a shareful heart is their anything wrong with it,
Dan. Many things is wrong with it, before some in this life will agree to give you a cell phone, there is many things behind it,
Me.Something like what??
Dan. You go soon know,

Dan went and brought a card from his bag, then we started playing it, we played like an hour, before we go exhausted,
Chuks went to his bed and brought out his phone and started pressing it, it was around 6pm we heard a knock on our door, Chuks quickly hide his phone, and rushed back to his bed, Dan answer the door and it was miss ade,
She exchanged greetings with Dan and Chuks, she came to my bed and Sat down,
Me. Good evening ma,
Miss ade. how are you,
Me. Getting better ma,
Miss ade. I came with your drugs ? so you can take them,
Then I remembered that they even gave me some drugs ? from the clinic which I forgot at miss ade place, I didn’t even remember at to take them since morning, ok maybe because my body doesn’t need drug ?
Miss ade. Have you taken anything??
Me. Yes ma I took coke and gala,
Miss ade. Who bought for you???
Me. A friend,
Miss ade. Your friends are really taking good care of you,
She selected the drugs ? and I took them,, Dan and Chuks have been mute all this while,
Miss ade. Dan and Chuks how are you guys doing,??
Both. Fine ma,
Miss ade. Hope you guys are taking good care of him,
Both. Yes ma,
Miss ade. Thank to you very much, I will reward you guy handsomely ,
Both. Thank you ma,
she left after, after staying sometime, I escorted her, but she kept saying, go back your legs are not yet strong,,
Miss ade. Have you informed your friends about the phone??


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