We looked at each other, Amina wanted to answer her but I firstly answered no, cus I know she might say yes, immediately ovie friends called for her and she left, telling me that we will see another time, I looked back at Amina, I was shock to see that her face bleeping with anger , but I sharperly looked away pretending not to notice her, , we stayed there for more than 10 minutes not talking to each other, then she finally broke the silent,
Amina. I think its time we head back so you can rest your leg, ,
Me. Yea I have been thinking of that too,
Amina. So finish your coke, so we can go,
Me. Until you finish your,
She smiled a little and started drinking her coke, me too as a sharp guy, I started mine too,
Amina. Why did you say no to her,
Me. (Surprise) but that is the truth,
Amina. You should have said yes to her, so we can see reaction,
Me. Reaction about what,?
Amina. I think she likes you,
Me.how ?
Amina. Am a woman I see the signs of like in her eyes, when she said that she will see you again,
Me. But there is nothing wrong in liking someone, and beside she seems friendly,
Amina. (face turned red) pls its time we start going you can hold your as am holding mine,
We set out back home, she was silent through out the journey, I wonder what she was thinking, or what her mind was telling her, we got home, I opened the door with my own key, and we both enter, Chuks and Dan are not yet back, I sat on my be, and she announced to me that she will soon be going back to her lounge to refresh up and read her books,,
Me. Thanks very much,
She came close to me, kissed my lips and said, Tony you are the best, my mouth was agap, as she runs out of the room, with surprise, i cleaned my virgin mouth, and headed to the bathroom to take my bath, after that, i relaxed on my bed, then my mind went back to what has really happened recently,

First my good performance in the pitch, how i was knocked down, what miss ade told me in the pitch, how miss ade insisted in taking me to her home from the hospital, all that happened in miss ade house, how i lost my virginity to miss ade, how the students and my friend visited me at miss ade place, how i wanted to leak the secret to my roommates, how Amina came in, how happy Amina was seating beside me in the canteen and in the pitch, how ivie shattered her happiness, and now how i just lost my virgin lips to Amina,
I was still deep in thought when the door opened, it was Chuks,
Chuks. Guy how far? I see you and your girlfriend parading around the school,
Me. Girlfriend?
Chuks. yes nah, is she not?
Me. please she is not oo, she is just a friend,and you know
Chuks. You take her for that, but i don’t think she do, anyway were did you guys went to,
Me. On a walk, and were did you see us,
Chuks. At the canteen,
Me. Really?? We stayed long there, why didn’t you come around,
Chuks, who are you asking??,
Me. you nah
Chuks. why should i come around,
Me. Because you saw me,
Chuks. Are you jesus??
Me. Am the son
Chuks. Lol abeg were is Dan,
Me. He left immediately you did,
Chuks. See you and that your Amina, i don dey look Una with one kind bad eye,
Me. How??
Chuks.The way you guys were doing in the canteen today, i even saw her trying to feed you gala, and you were doing shakara, no worry make i dey look Una,
Me. Abeg go bath,
He left and went o the bath room, while i switched to my novel titled, (ways of a hero) by stella McCartney,
And i started reading, Dan entered and also went to the bathroom,
They both came out wore their cloths, came to my bed and asked
Tony what is the secret???


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