We looked at the door together, then the knock came again,
Chuks, who??
Amina. It’s me Amina,
We looked at each other with a surprising look,
Then Dan got up from and opened the door , she came in, and greeted we all, Chuks didn’t answer her, he boned his face and left the room, then Dan went to his bed side wore his cloth and also left the room, I was so surprise of their action but Amina seems not to care, she came to my bed and sat down,
Amina. How are you doing now,?
Me. Fine
Amina. Thank god, Tony am sorry for the last time, I don’t know what came over me, I was only angry which from my room, for what my roommates did to me, so I came out their to quench the anger but I ended up throwing them to you please forgive me.
Me. It’s nothing, I didn’t even take it to heart, I dropped them their,
Amina, thanks so much Tony,
You have a great talent, you made the whole school happy yesterday, you are so great in the field wow I am so proud of you,
Me. Thanks dear
Amina. can you walk very well now??
Me. No not that fine,
Amina. Now come lets try,
Me. Lol, but the room is so tight to taste my walking ability,
Amina. No we are going for a walk,
Me. Noo am not that strong oo,
Amina. that why you need to walk to be strong so you can come to class tomorrow,
I got up wore my white short and my blue cardigal, then we set out,
We walk from my room to the field side, we reach to the field she insisted we stop and we take a rest on the bench, we sat down and she started .
Amina. Look at were you dribbled the first player, and there you fired your first shot,
She pointed everywhere for me and even where I WA knocked down, after spending sometimes in the field, we set to the school canteen side, when we reach the canteen,
There were many student there, they seems so happy to see me, I really had fun, Amina bought gala and rubber coke, we sat down with other student, discussing, she opened one gala and give me then opened her own , we started eating, she will sometime want to feed me with her own coke but I will decline, many students were playing and there are much people so the place was very noisy , one female ss3 student came to our chair, she is so beautiful, fair in complexion, her style of hair cut made her more beautiful, she has a medium size b–bs, and a nice curve, waist size like that of Nicki Minaj, what I like most on her body was that tempting pink lips, between her and Amina I don’t even know who is more beauty, but she has more packages than Amina, and seating down,
Amina. Good afternoon senior ivie,
Ivie. How are you Amina,
Amina. fine,
Ivie. Is he not the player that got injured in the field yesterday,?
Amina. He is.
Ivie. (turned to me,) how are you now dear,?
Me. Fine and better,
Ivie. You really made us proud yesterday, what is your name?
Me. Tony
Ivie. From were?
Me. Anambra state,
Ivie. No wonder Igbo guys they can be so talented,
Me. thanks,
Ivie. Ok am ivie from Edo state,,
Me. Nice meeting you,
Ivie, I guest you both are in the same class?
Amina. Yea,
Ivie. Are you dating??


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