She brought out her three phone and asked me to choose on,
As a smart guy I took this smallest one, and she was so surprise I did so,, apart from being. Smart, I love that phone, despite it is small, it is sharp and and was my favorite color, (white) very portable and its is the phone miss ade always holds in her hand every time, she smiled and took the remaining two back, she then asked me the reason behind me taking the smallest one, then I replied, it’s because I love the small one, then she smiled again,
Miss ade. ok then you have to keep it here till tomorrow then you come and take it so I can buy you a new sim card tomorrow and insert it and also wipe out all my belongings in it,
Me .ok ma, thank you very much,
Miss ade. Tony I know you are a sharp guy and you will keep it safe so it won’t implicate you, don’t always play with it, anyway I haven’t seen you playing before, it now belongs to you, and am never taking it back, make sure it remain your and not of the principal ok,
Me.ok ma
Miss ade. And two don’t let this cell phone draw you back from your studies, always focus unlike before, make your ambitions real, catch your goals, I can see your bright future don’t let it down, i love You today because i see who you really are and what you are up to, don’t drop them on the way, as Long as you stay in this school you will never lack anything,
Me. Thanks ma,
At 8.am, first church service dismissed, almost all the students of st Charles came to visit me at miss ade house, first was my football couch and some of my team mate, they are so happy to see me smiling, the couch was so proud of me, telling me how good i was this and that, that he will have to train me personal, all the boys laughed then I asked them about the final score of the match, then the couch answered,
Chinedu here score the penalty kick you brought for us and we won by 3goal to 2, then I became more happier than ever, one because we won our first match of the governor cup qualifier and two because I have found another Igbo guy in st Charles,
Chinedu is the captain of the team and he is in ss3, he is the guy that played no.4 for us that day, and he is very good in football, he has skills and much power for the game,
After chatting and exchange names they left, then another group came in, and so they troops in and out of miss ade room in groups, I even became tired of reciving visitors just to know how I was, both peoples I know and ones I don’t, male and female, the most surprising part Is that they all calls my name, but I dont really know them, finally it’s my guys, my room mate and my friend, they came and Chuks hails me, calling me Baba, and all of them hand shaking me one by one,
Chuks. Tony that guy nearly kill you , if you see how he bulldozer you as if you are his enemy,
(Everybody laughs)
First guy. Is he not his enemy,
Chuks. Chai I nearly beat that guy when the match finish but principal no let me,
(Everybody laugh,)
Second guy. Taaaa Chuks see you that was in the midst of girls playing dey beat person,
Chuks. Taaaaaaaa who told you me that was with the principal praying for our team,
All laughs,
The gist went on and on till miss ade finished cooking and came back to the room,
They all stand and greet her, then she join us,
At around 9.30, miss ade,both with my guys helped me back to lounge,
She left but promised to come and see me in the evening time,


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