I opened the door and it to my fullest surprise it was some one I never expected in my to see that early morning, someone I never expected to see at miss ade place that early morning, (AMINA)
Me.hi good morning
Amina. Tony am so happy to see u in this mood this morning, I went to the school clinic but they said miss ade took you to her home,
I can see some signs of happiness in her face,
Miss ade came out standing my my side, she asked her to come in,
Amina. Good morning ma
Miss ade. Good morning dear,this is the first time you are coming to my house, since you come to this school, hope all is well,
Amina. yes ma all is well, I heard Tony was here that’s why I came to know how he is doing,and as I can see , you really took good care of him,
Miss ade. Yea am also happy he is now doing great, and also happy one of his friends visited to see him,
Amina. Yea
Miss ade. You must have had a great relationship with to to even visiting this early,
Amina. No ma we are not that close , but I was worried about him from the field seeing him being injured,
Miss ade.thanks very much,
Amina.(gets up) ma I will be going now because am on my way to church,
Miss ade, ok no problem dear, take care,
She waves at me while leaving,

2minuts later…
Miss ade. Tony get ready soon you will go and take your bath, I put water on fire for you,
Me. Ok
Went went to the bathroom, she left me there with the water to take my bath, and close the door, i tried taking my bath but my leg wouldn’t let me, i cant bend down to curl water with hand, when ever I try my leg will pain me hardly,
I stayed there for more than 10 minutes doing nothing, only thinking of how it would be possible for me to take my bath soon I heard the voice on miss ade,
Miss ade. Tony what is keeping you?? Are you done? Or are you sleeping there?
Me. Ma I can’t help it,I cannot bath my self,
Miss ade. Why what happened??
Me. my leg won’t let me,
Miss ade, how?? Can I come in,
Me. Yes you can,
She came in and saw me sitting on the water baff, then she said I should remove my cloth again so she can help me take my bath, but I declined, then she insisted and I also still declined, this went on and on for like 5minutes,
Me. Ok ma lets forget about taking my bath, whenever I went back to my lounge I will take my bath by my self and beside I have no other cloth here that I will change to after taking my bath,
Miss ade. And I still insist you take you bath here before going back to lounge,
Then immediately she pull of her gown and let it fall to the ground,and once again she was full unclad in front of me, then she said ok, take off you cloth now so two of us can take our bath together, then I gave up and pull of my cloth, she came closer and my heart started racing more faster than olejukokoro keke, she touched me then I started feeling like my heart is falling off, she noticed it cus she asked me if am ok, she started bAffing me then she touched my johnthomas and it started to rise like a starlight fear catch me again, the she stopped and started rub on it gently, I wanted to ask her to stop but I can’t because I was enjoying it, I started screaming then she started doing it more faster asking me I I have done it before, then I replied no, the she said she will teach me that I should not worry that I should just relax and enjoy it, then she carry my JohnThomas and put it inside her mouth,


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