I woked up around 4am at miss ade room,on her bed, she was in the bathroom cus i can hear the sound of water running from the tap, i used my eyes and searched around the room, it was a well furnitured room, with a rug that seems very expensive, and a very big plasma tv hanged on the wall,with a black DSTV decoder under beautiful glass table, at the dead the bed I saw three Samsung galaxy phones, all bumming with green light at the head, I was still looking around when she entered, and I sharperly pretended as if I was still sleeping, she came in and went to the side of the wardrobe, to dress up, I opened my eyes and she was on a white towel, she pull down the towel, and was totally unclad infront of me,
Wow, her body was so beautiful without a cloth, her bums were so big, I looked at her punani , it was so shaved and looks neat, I almost shouted immediately my eyes touch her b##bs, ? wow they stand attention like the American armies receiving others from the captain, is ripe like that of a kerosene mango, and looks like God saved some water in it while creating it, cus I was shaking and dance like pure water, immediately junior famous spranged up, with a high speed, almost bust my boxers into two sides , she turned and looked around my direction, and I sharperly closed my eyes, to avoid her noticing that I have been looking at her,
But she spoke to me,
Miss ade. I know you have been awake, why not stand up and help me apply some cream on my back, and also taste if you can walk now, so you can go and take your bath,
But I did as if I didn’t hear her and still pretending to be sleeping, she came near to me, tapped my face and say, get up tony I know you have been awake cus no body in seminary school sleeps by this time, and beside I know you have been exploring my body,
But I still pretended to be sleeping,
Then she said again, if u don’t get up now I will pull of your boxer, , but I never cared, still pretending, then she touched my boxer and was trying to pull it down, then I turned and greeted her,
Me. Good morning ma,
Miss ade, I know you have been awake, goodmorning how are you,
Me. Fine ma, how did I get here,
Miss ade. Is that supposed to be an appreciation for letting you spend the night here, bcus I know your roommate will play with your leg,
Anyway get up lets see if you can walk now,

I looked up to her and she is still tying her white towel, I tried standing up, but was having difficulties then she held me to help me get on my feet , then I stood up and was happy to notice that almost all my pains are gone, and I also see some smiles on her face when I was gently walking around the room,
Miss ade, you are almost ok now, today is Sunday, can you manage to got to church,
Me. But am not with any of my cloths here,
Miss ade. Oh!!! Yeah that’s true, so what are we going to do now,
Me. I will stay here till day fully break so i can go back to my lounge, you can go to church,
Miss ade. Don’t worry am no longer going i will stay here with u to make sure you don’t get bored, please can you help me apply some creams on my back??


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