the thought of yesterday night actually kept me smiling,,
I kept thinking about the best boobs av ever seen,, so I found my self day dreaming about s—–g and massaging those boobs,,
most especially, seeing the full size,, I mean seeing it popp out of bra,,
I was called back by my uncle who announced his leaving for work,,

I went out,, grab his briefcase and followed him to the car park,,
he handed a very neat 500 naira note to me,

uncle. take this,, in case you need to buy anything,,

me. (collected the money)
thank you sir!

uncle. and make sure you eat very well,, you can go out the and stroll,, but make sure you lock the door before leaving OK,

me. OK sir.

uncle. your Anty will be back around or before 3p.m so make sure you are around OK.

me. OK sir,,

uncle. alright bye,, and stay safe OK,

me. take care sir,,

he drove off after a longtime of turning the car around,,

I turned and behold an angel coming towards me,,
wow she is fair has a blonde hair,, slim and well build body structure,,
huge backyard and small bobby,,

I maintained my self,, we walked pass each other without saying a word,,
then I heard my devil mind asking me to look back to see more of that behind,,
but the angel mind told me not to look back,, that I should just walk straight and get behind that temptation,,
anyway I tried to listen to my angel mind,, but I find my self obeying the devil mind,,

I quickly looked back to see her also looking at me,, she maintained immediately I looked at her,, and I also did the same,,
u got to our apartment,,
lock the door behind,, got to my room with 3thing on my mind,,
call amina,
call miss Ade
WhatsApp chat,,

I quickly unmasked my phone from its mask,, switched it on,, my data was already on,, because one thing I don’t always remember to do,, is to off my data after my chats,,

WhatsApp chat kept trooping in,,
so I opened my WhatsApp,,
first chat was miss Sandra..
with 5chats

——WhatsApp chats——-
miss Sandra. tony baby how are you,,??
you left without a word,,
hope you got home safe and also enjoying your holiday
am missing you oo,
hope we can will visit my home one of this days,,

me. good morning ma, am fine,, and I got home safe too,, thank you,
yes I will if I have chance

miss Ade. hi darling didn’t you get my text,,
you know I can’t call you,, unless you flash to show that its safe to talk to you,,
please dear. talks to me am dieing to hear from you,,

me. yes ma, I got your text,, but I couldn’t call because everyone was around,,
I will call you soon,,
shade. hi Mr fine boy. can you upload your picture now that you are at your home..

me. yes miss beautiful,, I will very soon,,
how are you??
chuks. bobo how far nah,, your line has been off,,
I need to know if you get home safe,,

me. yes sir,, I got home safe and you??

chuks. me too,
next week friday is my junior sisters birthday,, you are invited..

me. don’t think I can make it, unless its day time,,
shade. am fine dear and you??

me. am cool,,

shade. typing…………..
chuks. yes its day time,,
the party will start around 1.pm,,
I invited most of our class mates,
even amina,, and she has assured me that she will come..

me. then count me in. am coming too,,
I will tell my uncle when he comes back,,

chuks. typing………
amina. hey tony,, days without you are like days with full of rain,,
I have been missing you so much here,, please come and see me soon,,

me. me too baby,, I miss you more here
I will call you soon,,


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