Nora. Your uncle and anty loves you so much,,

Me. Yea and I love them too,,

Nora. Am happy for you,,

Immediately call came on her tekno p3 ,, she picked it and was asking the person why he called her ,, that she has warned him stop calling her,,
the person was like trying to apologize on something ,, but she hanged the call and switched off the phone,,

Me. Who was that??

Nora. a friend of mine,,

me. why did you have to off the phone on him,, its not proper,, it shows no respect,,

nora . that’s what he deserve,, he is very stupid,,

immediately she said that,, I saw her eyes turn in anger,, s she manage to hide it,,

me. why did you say so dear??

Nora. tony please let’s just forget about that,,

I sat on the bed ,, and gently lay beside her without saying another word,,
the room was cool for like 10minutes,, we didn’t talk to each other again,, so I thought maybe she might have slept off,,

I gently stood up,, and switched off the fan,,because I started feeling cold
,then I wanted to lie down back again,, when she finally spoke up

Nora. why did you off the fan,, ain’t you feeling the heat ??

me. am feeling cold,, am allergic with cold,, so I don’t take fan too much,,
but don’t worry I will switch it on back,,

Nora. no don’t worry,, I can manage it,,

me. I thought you slept off already,,

Nora. no I was thinking on something,,

me. relate me.

Nora. no, don’t worry,,

she stood up,, came down from the bed,switched on the loght, pull of her top,, leaving only bra,,now I was able to see some of her boobs,, wow her boobs was really huger than I thought, it was like God created it with too much water, or should I say he added 1cups of water to each of them, u can imaging that kind of boobs,, my heart started racing,when she was about to take off her jean trouser, many question started trooping my mind like,,
what is she trying to do??
did she forget am here??
what if my anty or my brother came in and saw her like this,, what would they think??
or is she trying to tempt me??
oh God save me from this temptation oooh,?

I quickly turned my face to the wall,, so she will not notice that I was looking at her,, I noticed when she to climbed the bed,,
but I still maintained my wall looking,, as my heart continued racing,, because I was anticipated for her next action,,
I was silently praying to God,, that she never take any other further action,, because I know I can never control my self,, even if I try,, the boobs will never let me succeed,
I don’t want my uncle or my Anty to find out the kind of person I turned to,, I was still praying when I heard her voice, which scared me more

Nora. tony why you are looking that way,,

me.(I kept quiet and was forming sleeping as I continued to pray to my God,, ) I was on that part on psalm 23, DELIVER US FROM ALL EVIL,

Nora. tony. tony,, are u sleeping already,,??
tony, how can he sleep so quick

i woke up around 4am, my face was already facing her,, I opened my eyes to find her face also facing me,, but she was fast asleep,, but our lips was so close as if we have been kissing all night long,

then I was able to look at her very well,, she was only on pink pant and bra,, I wanted to see her sweet boobs again,, but she was facing the bed so I couldn’t see anything,, so I changed my direction and did my early morning prayer,,

I slept off after the prayers,, woke again time checked 6.23am,,
she was no longer in the room,, and her cloths are gone too,, I gently got up take my brush and headed for the bath room to fresh up,,
after brush,, I went to the sitting room with one thing on my mind “NORA”!!!

couldn’t find her around the sitting room,, kitchen or balcony,, I went to my uncle room to greet him and Anty and to also check if she was there,,

I knocked and opened the door only to find my uncle working with his system,

me. good morning sir

uncle. good morning tony how was your night

me. fine sir,, what about Anty?

uncle. she already went to work with Nora,, they left around 5.30,, they will return in afternoon time..

me. OK sir

uncle. when you feel hungry you know were to get food right??

me. yes sir,,

I left my uncle room,, gat to my own room,, lie on the bed hoping to see Nora again,, while recalling what happened last night..


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