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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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Me. Yes Anty

Anty amaka. Have you eaten??

Me. Not yet Anty,,

Anty amaka. Why?? What are you waiting for,, I have told you this kitchen is your,, eat what ever you see inside,, don’t always wait for someone to give you before you eat,, please my love go inside that kitchen and take something OK,,

Me. OK Anty,, (turned to leave)

Anty amaka. Tony i hope you guys have introduced your selves,, ??

Me. yes Anty,,

Anty amaka, good, Nora here is my friend daughter,, she a nurse in our hospital and she is also intelligent like you,, that’s what I like her,, she is cool and friendly,, she always comes here anytime and she also spends some nights here sometimes,, but from tomorrow I will go talk to her parents so she can start living with us, so she is part of us,, so take her as your friend and your sister,, when ever she spends the night here she sleeps in your room OK,,

Me. OK anty,,

Anty amaka,, Nora tony here is my love, I don’t ever play with him,, he dosnt have any problem,, you will be happy being with him if you understand him,, so also be his friend and sister,,

Nora. OK ma,

Anty amaka. Now dear go get something to eat OK,,

I went off thinking about what she mean by sleeping in my room,, on my bed with me??? I don’t really like sharing bed with someone,, but with the level of Nora’s beauty I think I can share my bed with her,, waking up beside her will be best,,

After like one hour, I was in my room reading novel when my uncle came in,, I heard his can hornk as I rushed down to welcome him,, I also helped him carry something’s he bought,,

After that I was in my room when Nora came to notify me that my uncle is calling me,, I went to the sitting room to meet him,, when I got there he was holding my result on his hand,, immediately he saw me he hugged me with joy,,

Uncle. You made it again,, you never gives up,, I am proud of you,,

Me. Thank you uncle,

he handed over a white nylon bag to me,,

Uncle. This is some new cloths I bought for you,, so u can change while going back to school,,

Me. Thank you sir,,

Anty amaka. Come

I went close to her,, she also hugged me and peg my cheek,, then she unlock the neckless on her neck as she lock it to my neck,,

Anty amaka. This is for defending me and the whole womanhood on earth,, on that last day of your school debate,, you are really amazing,, thank you,,

Me. Thank you anty,

All this while,, Nora has been smiling to me,, but I kept a long face,, because I was becoming shy from her smiles,,

My uncle brought our things that he got from the Mr bigs,, ice cream, drinks and snacks,, we really had a small party that night till around 8 that Nora wanted to start going,,
My anty told her not to worry that she has already called her parents to inform them that she will be sleeping over,,

After all that,, me and Nora took the dishes to the kitchen to wash them,, after that we went to the sitting room to watch movies,,when we got there,, my anty and uncle has already left for there room,, we watched movie till she slept off,, because as we were watching the movie we kept mute to each other,, when I noticed that she has slept off,, I started feeling lonely ,, so I switched off the television as I wake her up,, and we both went to the room to sleep,,

We got to the room,, I switched on the light and left her, because I want to go and pie, before I could come back she was already on the bed,, so I pick up the mat and spread it on the floor to sleep,, then I heard her voice,,

Nora. Why do you want to sleep on the floor,,

Me. Oh thought you were sleeping,,

Nora. You haven’t answered my question,,

Me. Nothing,,

Nora. But the bed is wide and can contain the both of us,, please come up to the bed or I will also come to the mat and sleep,,

I didn’t say a word as I fold back the mat and climb the bed,,

Nora. Congratulations,,

Me. Thank you,,

Nora. Don’t worry I will also get you my own gift tomorrow,,

Me. OK,, I will be expecting that,,

Nora. Your uncle and anty loves you so much,,

Me. Yea and I love them too,,

Nora. Am happy for you,,

Immediately call came on her tekno p3 ,, she picked it and was telling the person why he called her ,, that she has warned him stop calling him,, the person was like trying to apologize on something ,, but she hagged the call and switched off the phone,,

Me. Who was that??


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