life at home start being fun as usual,, my uncle and Anty will pet me like tomorrow no dey,,
I was still chatting with amina when a soft knock came on the door,,
I immediately drop the phone and switched off,, because I was really Thinking it was my uncle and wife,, as I hide it behind my bag,, I ran to see who was on the door,,

I opened the door behold the most beautiful girl on earth standing in front of me,,

she. hi

me. hi

she. please can I come in??

me. but I don’t know who you are,

she. oh sorry my name is nora ,, am a nurse at the hospital doctor amaka works ,, I called and she said I should come here and wait for her,,

(sorry I forgot to tell you guys,, my Anty is a doctor,, she works at Mable’s hospital apapa Lagos,, and she is a very good doctor,, perhaps one day you guys should come and try her injection, that has made me never to sick, even when am sick I always try my best to hide it from her,, because there is nothing I hate in my life than taking injection,, me I prefer taking 200 drugs at a time than injection, ))

me. OK you can come in,,

she walked pass me as I was locking the door behind,, I turned to see my worst,, she has the biggest behind,,her behind was that big like that of Nicki minaj,, with a very tempting shape,, she has the most killing body curve and my johnthomas has already started dancing in joy,, (don’t just mind that idiot,, it doesn’t respect its self,,)

I used my hand and shifted it to normal so that she can not notice it,,
she finished climbing the stairs as she headed for the sitting room,,
there I confirmed that it wasn’t really her first day coming to our house,, so I followed immediately,,

me. please what can I offer you??

Nora. hahahahahaha,, but you haven’t also told me who you are,,

me. oh forgive me,, you know I was carried away by your beauty,,

Nora.( blushed), really??

me. yea my name is tony,, I just came back for my holiday,, this is my house,,

Nora. oh you are the tony,, o have really heard much about you,, welcome,,

me. OK,, so what can I offer you??

Nora. tony this is also my house,, I use to ask peoples what to offer them here,, so this is our house I will take what ever I like, when ever I like,,

me. (surprised) OK ,, (turned to leave for my room)

Nora. wait tony,, are you going in??

me. yea,,

Nora. is that how you leave your visitors lonely??

me. but you just said this is our house,, which means you are no longer a visitor here,, so I feel like you can really do everything for your self,,like you can also keep your self company,,

Nora. no nah tony,, please come back I want to know more about yofriendI turned,, went back and switched on the television as I sat down to watch the program being showned African magic,, its was a Nigeria movie,, all this Nigeria movie that was shot in the village were peoples use to sow cloths with onion bag,, the worst part is that they will be showing us that it was a tipicle village that has not been civilized,, no light in the village,, not bore holes,,no schools,, no hospital, no church, they only fetch water in the river very far from their home,, treat their selves with harbs,, and worships idles,
in their village you will only see titles like best hunter,, best farmer, the fighter,, but still they will be speaking pure and correct English,, I wonder if they were being taught inside the homes by there fore fathers at night,, (odikwa egwu)

Nora. so which class are you??

me. am gonna be in ss2 next term,,

Nora, wow that great, senior tony,,

me. but you are too small to become a nurse,,

Nora. yes that’s what peoples says,, I finished my secondary school early because I was being promoted from classes because of my level of intelligence according to them,, so when I finished I wanted to write jamb and enter the university but my parents never allowed me,, they kept saying I was too small to be in the university,, so because I wanted to read doctor,, my dad now said I should start going for a nursing training at the hospital were your aunt’s works at,, so because your aunt is my mum friend and our family friend,, my dad now handed me over to her,, so we use to go to work together,, she didn’t go to work today because of your returning so I also didn’t go too,, because I always go with her,,

me. hmmmmmmmm. what a story,, so how old are you??

Nora. am 17 and you??

me. am 17 too,,

Nora. was I really beautiful as you said,, ??

I didn’t get the opportunity to answer that question because another knock came to the door,, so I excused my self to see the door,,
it was my Anty alone,, I opened the door for her , greeted her and helped her carry the food stuffs she was carrying,, I dropped them at the kitchen,,

me. Anty someone is looking for you,,

Anty amaka. thank you my love,,

she headed for the sitting room while I also headed for my room to give them privacy,,

I was barely getting to my room when I heard her called me,, so I used the u-turn and headed back to the sitting room,,


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