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September 18, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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I saw tears on her eyes as she came down the step,, this put everybody to question,, why she suddenly started crying,, nobody know why,, but I do,, anyway I guest you also know,,


30mins later,, students has started leaving the school,, those that knows there way to there homes,, and we that waits for our parents or guardians to pick us up,, are still waiting for there arrival,, beautiful cars trooping in and out of the school,, everywhere was rowdy,, ,, sorry I forgot to tell you that Dan has already left,, later chuks followed when his dad driver came to pick him up,, I started feeling more lonely,, I was seating and waiting with amina when her parents came,, wow her mom was very beautiful,, and young too,, she came to were we are and hugged her,,

I greeted her,, she answered and turned to leave with amina

amina. mum his name is tony,, he is my friend,,

amina mum. oh tony how are you,,

me. fine ma,,

amina. tony please follow us let me show you to my one in a million dad.

I followed her to the beautiful red jeep,, immediately we got to the car,, a very tall handsome man came down from the driver side, he seems very happy as he widely opened his arm and amina ran to him and hugged him,,

amina dad. I really miss you my daughter,, how are you??

amina. fine dad. this is tony he is my friend,,

amina dad. wow this is really the first time you have ever introduced a friend to me,, that’s good,, tony dear how are you??

me. fine sir,,

amina dad. good,, where are you from??

me. anambra state sir,,

amina dad. good,, hope you did well this term??

me. yes sir,,

amina. yes dad he got the first position in my class,,

amina dad. good that’s great,, (stretch hand to give me a hand shake)

amina mum. so baby someone finally beats you in your class??

me. no ma she also got the first position,,

amina mum. how come??

immediately she asked the question I heard a car horning beside me,, I turned to see my uncle white Toyota corolla ,, I felt so happy,, atlast am also leaving ,,

sorry sir, my uncle is here,, I said as I ran to my uncle and hugged him,, I ran to were I kept my bag as I carried them to the car,,
i saw amina entering there car,, she seems unhappy,, but we can’t turn back the hand of clock,, me too am not happy leaving her ,, so I decided to give her a call when I get home,,

my uncle loves me so much,, atleast am going to receive his and his wife love on this holiday,,
on getting home,, my Anty was already at the gate waiting for us,, immediately we entered she came to my side helped me open the door and hugged me firmly,, my Anty is a doctor,, she didn’t go to work that day because I was coming back,,

she helped me with my bags as we entered inside the house,, she already prepared many dishes,, I ate as much as my stomach can carry,, after eating I went to the bathroom take my bath,, went to my room, unpack my loads and slept off,,

I woke up around 4.pm by the noise coming from downstairs,, ,, I have slept such a long time,, I went to the bathroom,, wash my face,, went to the sitting room,, nobody was there,, went to my uncle room,, nobody was also there,, so I assume my uncle and my Anty has left for somewhere,, but they didn’t tell me they were going out,, maybe because I was sleeping,,

anyway thank God no one is in,, a great opportunity for me to call amina,,
I went back to my room,, reach for my bag,, brought out my phone from its hiding place,, I switched it on,, a text massage came in immediately its from miss ade,, and it reads

tony,, you already left,, you didn’t even care to see me before you leave,, that was not kind of you,, anyway please call me as soon as you see this text ,or flash,

I ignored the massage I dialed aminas number,, she picked almost immediately..

amina. hello I have been waiting for this call,, how are you

me. fine and you??

amina. fine,, and why has your phone been off??

me. I don’t want my uncle to notice that I have WhatsApp on it,,

amina. OK,, please make sure to always keep it on,,

me. OK,,

amina. am missing you,, I wish I can see you just now,,

me. me too,,

amina. my parents likes you,, my mum said you are handsome and intelligent,, she said she noticed from the day of the debate final,,

me. OK,,

amina. when are we going to see each other again??


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