“Wait oh” Chidi began”What about the vigilante group and police the elders talked about?” He asked then Dike glared at him angrily..
“Who is this prosaic coward?” Dike began glaring at Chidi. “I will unceremoniously make you a persona-non-grata here after which you’ll become an ubiquitous panhandler. You should be happy that you are making money…”
“Sir Dike” Ebuka interrupted him. “Don’t mind Chidi, he is only saying this out of fear which we have all warned him to do away with” he coughed and adjusted on the bed where he seated with Kachi beside him. “The matter on ground now is how much will be our own share out of the one million naira?” he asked.
“Na true you talk boy!” Kachi supported him thereby provoking Dike the more. He brought out a cigarette and began smoking instantly. Already, Dike had become disappointed looking at the boys speechlessly. He drew closer to Kachi with his bulge stomach and said, “I never knew that I’m working with unacquainted vandals who have decided to swank unabashedly without having the Philosophy of utilitarianism as a scenario for a better future. You want to share the money that is still invisible to us? Get the money first!”
“It’s okay, when are we making our move?” Obinna asked.
“Tonight” Dike replied and turned to leave but suddenly looks at the boys again. “Remember to hold your d!cks this time around or you’ll suffer from vasectomy. I don’t want to hear anything from scandalmongers about any of you raping chief Ebube’s daughter” he concluded, clutched the doorknob and went out.
The sun set and darkness took over the atmosphere. As Chioma la!d on her bed reflecting on how her father discharged her suitors, so as Ubiji thought of how he would get a lone from the bank. At the same time, Dike relaxed on a cushion in his living room reflecting on his actions. Of course he was guilty of them but the question still remains: why was he doing all that? Is it out of selfishness or a reason yet unknown? Nevertheless, his men set to chief Ebube’s residence for the stealing of the sum of one million naira. The house was a storey building having flowers inside it. It was surrounded by a fence which had a black gate as the only entrance. The four boys stood before the gate holding powerful guns and wearing masks on their faces. Obinna knocked on the gate continuously and the gateman opened. Immediately, he hit him the head of his gun thereby rendering him unconscious then all broke into chief Ebube’s room, in the upper floor.

“Lie down!” Kachi shouted and chief Ebube la!d flat on the floor.
“Please, don’t kill me” he begged. He was the type that loves his life more than his money just like Dike described him. Obinna looked at Chidi and Ebuka and said, “Go to the other rooms, bring his daughter and wife here!”
The boys did as he said and came back with Adaku, a twenty five year old daughter of chief Ebube, and his wife, Lolo, who they made to lie down too.
“Please, take anything you want and spare my family” chief Ebube pleaded from the floor.
“I like that” Obinna smiled. “We need a million naira”
“One million? Please, it’s too much. I don’t have such amount of money here”
“Then watch your daughter die like a chicken” Obinna pointed the gun at Adaku with his finger on the trigger.
“Daddy, don’t allow them to kill me” Adaku cried.
“Okay, there is five hundred thousand naira in a chest of drawer beside my bed, take it and spare my daughter”
“Remaining five hundred thousand naira” Obinna withdrew the gun.
“Please, that’s all i have”
“It’s a lie” Obinna looked at Lolo, the wife. “Woman, how much do u have?”
“I don’t have anything” Lolo replied from the floor then Obinna ordered Chidi and Ebuka to go search her room. They did as he said and came back with some money then Obinna glared at Lolo.
“I thought you said you have no money. Oh, you lied to us, abi” he kicked her with his shoes and she screamed. “How much is there?”
“Three hundred thousand naira, sir” Lolo replied.
“Interesting, remaining two hundred thousand naira” Obinna looked at Adaku. “You, how much do you have in your room?” he asked her.
“I have only one hundred thousand naira. Check it inside my bag on the table” Adaku replied quivering. The money was brought immediately and Obinna said again, “I guess one person will pay the remaining one hundred thousand naira with his or her life” he took his gun up ready to shoot while Kachi began to look at Adaku seductively admiring her bott through the transparent night gown she wore making her white pant visible. To make the story worst, her b—–s were braless.
“Please, don’t kill anybody. That’s all we have. You can carry my properties if you want” chief Ebube pleaded bitterly but Obinna held the trigger of the gun..


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