Dike’s evil act affected her daughter, Chioma, to the extent she had to cry in the presence of the elders and the king in the palace. She didn’t mind coz Dike was the only thing she had on earth thereby making her plead hopelessly, but the elders weren’t smiling or showing concern to her plead. Mr Kelechi said to her, “Your father did not only cause thuggery in this village but also insulted and confused us with his grammar. His punishment is to rot in jail!”
“Please, temper justice with mercy” Chioma continued pleading with her knees on the floor.
“Why should we temper justice with mercy? Did your father also temper injustice with mercy?!”
Igwe Izumba cleared his throat. “Young lady” he began. “Your father can only be released if he pays for the damages and money he collected from people through those young men” he said.
Hearing that, Chioma’s tears decreased. “Thank you your highness. But how much are we talking about?” she asked.
“We shall get back to you”
Chioma appreciated the king and went out while the elders became surprise looking at him. They couldn’t believe he made such statement after what Dike caused them. So Mr Adaka said, “Igwe, why would you make such statement knowing what our people passed through in the hands of that man called Dike?”
“There was no lost of life, so i think we should task him for all the stolen money and damaged properties which will be given back to those whom the thuggery affected” the king replied.
Mr Kelechi cleared his throat positioning his staff properly on the floor. “You’ve spoken well your highness, but what about our men, i mean the four young men? What will happen to them?” he asked.
“They will face the full law of rape because I’m totally not happy about what they did to that young girl. I thank God she is okay and healthy according to the doctor. I also thank God that the land it’s at peace now. Milk and honey have different colours but they share the same house peacefully. Let peace reign”
“Once again you’ve spoken well your highness. We are strongly behind you. He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk. An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. We have agreed on what you’ve said. He who refuses to obey cannot command” Mr Kelechi looked at his fellow elders. “I hope I’ve spoken your minds”
“Yes!” the elders chorus.
The king thanked them and the meeting came to an end.

A huge amount of money was discovered in the residence of the four criminals by the vigilante group and they handed it to the king.
However, Ubiji had gone to his uncle’s house for an apology. He carried a bottle of hot drink standing before the entrance of the house. After he made himself known, Dinta, the uncle, came out.
“Good evening, uncle”
“Ubiji, are we going for another marriage introduction?” Dinta stared at the drink in his hand while Ubiji smiled.
“No, uncle”
“Then why the drink in your hands?”
“It’s for you. It’s just a way of saying ‘sorry’ for accusing u wrongly”
Dinta spaced out for a moment with hands on his waist. He averted his eyes from space and exhaled deeply. “Sit down my son” both sat down on a long bench beside the wall of the house. “Nothing can be hidden under the sun. One day, the wind will blow and that which lies in the butt0ckz of a fow will be seen. I don’t blame u coz i would have done the same if i were in your shoes. But don’t you think there’s someone who owns this apology more than i do?”
Ubiji knew he was talking about Chioma but didn’t know how to tell him the nature of their relationship recently. So he remained mute.
“What’s the problem?” Dinta queried again.
“Uncle, Chioma broke-up with me”
“Why?” the uncle became surprise. Ubiji told him about Adaku and everything that happened then he became disappointed.
“Listen, son” Dinta began. “Women know themselves better than you do. Chioma knows why she told you to return the cheque, and her reason for saying that has happened; Adaku has finally succeeded in talking you from her. Chioma is the best woman a man would ever have at home regardless her father’s misbehavior, so losing her is like losing a happy family. Adaku gave you the cheque because she has the money. Do you think Chioma wouldn’t have done the same if she had the money? I’m disappointed that your happiness can be bought with money”
Ubiji realized his mistakes after listening to his uncle. Yes, he never loved Adaku but wanted her money like every other man who would be in his condition. So he asked his uncle, “What must i do now?”
“Return the cheque to Adaku especially now that your money will soon be recovered and run to Chioma before it’s too late, if it’s not late already coz..” before Dinta could finish, Ubiji hurried out to Chioma..


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