UNTIL I MET YOU … (18+) … Part 41



I cuddle tight to Gray as he caresses my back.

” How’s your internship ? You like it ?”

” Theo’s my boss. Such an asshole but he’s manageable , just annoying.” I reply.

” You wanna quit ? I can get you somewhere better.”

” Sterling Corp is cool. I like my job. He didn’t really make nasty comments though. It’s weird he knew we’re together.”

” How did he know ?”

” Weird right ? Remember you kissed me in front an entire college population yesterday.” I smirk and thread my fingers through his hair.

” He wasn’t hard on you right ?”

” He won’t even dare.” I mutter.

” If he dares try to flirt with you , tell me. He’s such a dick sometimes.” He says and smack my butt.

” Yes boss.” I giggle and wrap my arms around his torso.

” So where do you like to go ?”

” What ?”

He smirks and hover on top of me with me under his hold. His left hand stay on my lower back while the other run through my hair.

” Take a vacation with me ? We would go wherever you like. Hawaii , Mexico , Germany anywhere you want.” He kisses my lips without letting me reply him.

He stop kissing and trail kisses on my neck to my collarbone.

” Gray…”

” Hmm. I can’t wait to travel with you. We’re gonna be alone , just you and me.” He whispers and kiss my stomach with my shirt upwards a bit.

” I can’t wait to fuck you in the kitchen…” He kisses my stomach , pushing my shirt up further.

” We gonna have sex in the bathroom , couch…” He trails and push my shirt so that my breasts in display.

” In my car , the fuckin bathtub…” He whispers and nibble on my skin. I squirm on his hold and moan.

His tongue tease every of my skin as my shirt is being dispose off my body.

” You drive me crazy Ariel. I don’t even know what these feelings are..” He whispers and take in my nipple into his mouth.

His tongue flick around it as my core clenches to his teasing. I struggle with his Calvin Klein that I’m wearing because I wanna take it off.

He smirks around my nipple as he he continues to nip on it. He hold the waistline of the boxer I’m wearing and take it off. Now I’m unclad beneath him. I’ve been longing to have him after that crazy flirty text. He swap to my other nipple and suck perfectly on it. His right hand move up and down to my curves as he part my legs.

” Gray…” I moan silently. His finger slide up my wet core.

He stop teasing my nipples and go back to kissing me. He kisses my neck with his finger slowly thrusting in and out of me. My entire body heat up and all I want that minute is him inside me. I touch his chest down to the waistline of his sweatpants. He smirks and shake his head.

” I’m all yours princess.”

He takes one pillow and position it under my lower back. He lean back to me and kiss my stomach down to my core. His shoulders press gently against my thighs to keep my legs apart as he slide his fingers down my wet entrance. He raise his head to look at me as he penetrates his finger inside my entrance. He rub small circles on my nerves and continue thrusting his fingers in and out of me.

” Oh my God…” I moan out as my legs try to close on their own.

He thrust out his hand and replace it with his warm lips. I bite my bottom lip and curse out. The pulsing shock travel through my body and settle back in my sensitive part. I moan out his name as he eat me out. My stomach tightens and I’m almost close. I squirm endlessly but Gray lay me back on the pillow. I lean on my elbows and watch this man do wonders with his mouth.

I hold back the urge to grind his mouth but that isn’t helping. I tug gently on his hair and moan endlessly. My stomach tightens and walls broke. I crouch back on the bed and breathe in.

” Like that ?” He taunts me as he take out the pillow.

” Come here.” I pull him to myself and kiss him. He settles in between my legs and take charge of my lips. My hand trail on his perfection and move down to his region. He’s hard as hell.

” What do you want Ariel ?” He asks breaking from our make out.

” I want you.”

He teases my bottom lip and bite it.

” What do you want me to do you ?” He whispers against my lips and lean closer to me so I could feel his erection.

I gasp and smile.” I want you to fuck me.”

His eyes move to mine as he watch my soul. Probably he’s surprised I would never say that.

” Fuck me, Gray.” I repeat.

He smirks and clasp his lips on mine. He grab my waist and flip us so he’s lying on his back.

” You’re gonna ride.” He says and kiss me again. I take off his sweatpants and check the nightstand for a foil paper. I clothe him with the content and lean on him to kiss his lips.

” Go slow at first.” He tells me.

I nod and squat with both my legs on his side. I might be inexperienced but I’m definitely gonna do this perfectly. I sink down on his length and close my eyes. Slowly and gently I move down and let him bury himself dip inside me. I feel full as I take in deep breaths.

” Ride me , Ariel.” I open my eyes. Gray’s grey colored orbs glue to mine as he smirks.

” Oh God..” I breathe out.

My knees lean on the sheet of his bed as I rise up a bit and sink down. A deep grunt escape his mouth as I slowly ride on him. I go back up slowly and move down. Gray watch me slowly , groaning and moaning. I increase the pace and moan out profanities. My wet walls tightened around his length as I grind back and forth , up and down.

He throws his head back on the pillow and let out silent grunts and countless ‘fuck’s’.

Each bounce on his length sent shocks up to my belly as I open my eyes. They are locked with Gray’s that’s filled with emotions and lust. How is he making me feel a lot of emotions ? When am I supposed to tell him that I’m falling In love with him ?


I wander around the kitchen still with Gray’s t-shirt and sweatpants. I don’t want his guards or whatever staring at my legs when they are supposed to be guarding the house. Possibly , I’ll be going over to my apartment today. I’m really tired of hiding because of a Russian thug who choose to destroy me happiness because of the feud he has with Gray. Last night barely left my mind. He has basically taken over my head and body. What if we don’t work out , I’m never wanting anyone ever.

I quickly make breakfast since it’s Friday morning. I’ve got class in less than two hours and also I need to be at work really early today.

” Miss Carter huh ?” I look up at my new visitor. Reid stand at the other side of the counter as he bite into the fresh apple he took from the table.

” What do you want, Reid ?”

He chuckles.” What makes you think i always want something from you ?”

I bite my tongue and look at his features. Why are bad people always good looking ? Is it some sorta curse. Reid’s got a jet black hair that’s slightly tousled. His face is also well built with a slight scar above his left eyebrows. Both his arms are tatted. He’s cute and all that but his soul is too dark.

” Why can’t you man up and take responsibility of the seed you shoot into Leslie ?”

” What would I wanna do with your whore sister ? You know she’s like you , always after loaded guys.”

I chuckle and suck my bottom lip before releasing it.

” So that’s the reason you chose you to use her.”

” Don’t act like you fuckin care about your sister. And about Leslie , that’s supposed to be my headache not yours.”

” Then why did you choose to make my relationship with Gray your headache. You act like a fucked up teenage who’s jealous because her secret crush is hitting someone else. Why don’t you just give me ten feet , Reid. And stop pretending like you care about Gray when you know don’t a flying fuck about Gray.”

He laughs and dispose the apple. He round the counter and stand next to me , eyes all over my face.

” Gray’s such a bad Influence. How could he teach you how to swear ? Or maybe he fucked you real good last night. I don’t like your nerves bitch , why don’t you just fuck off and get away from whatever thing you’re getting involved with. You’re just gonna get hurt and get your family killed , Tinkerbell.”

I smirk and take a step forward.” Why don’t you take your dick and fuck yourself looser. You’ve got a baby now , focus more on being daddy, asshole.” I scoff and go back to cooking.

He laughs and bites his lip before walking out of the kitchen. I breathe out and drum my fingers on the counter. Maybe it’s high time , i tell Gray about his so called best friend.

” Hey babe..” I smile at my new companion behind me.

His strong arms wrapped around my waist as I lean into his hold. He kiss my temple and nuzzles my neck.

” Good morning.” I tell him.

” Good morning. What you cooking ?”

” Breakfast. I thought you might need something before leaving for work.”

” Yeah ?” He gently bites my neck and turn me around to look at him.

He sits me on the counter and stand in between my legs , arms still wrapped possessively around my waist.

” Wanna skip class today ?” He whispers. His lips tease my neck as he kiss slowly down my neck.

” We’re gonna do whatever thing you like ?” He’s really manipulating me again. I laugh and push him backwards a little to look at his eyes.

” You know I won’t.” I say calmly. I run my fingers through his soft hair and it feels so soft under my touch. He lean into my touch and rest his head against my chest with his arms around my waist.

” I’m missing you already.” He says. He caress my hips and grab my butt.

” Gray.”

He giggles and pull back a little to take my lips in his. He taste so good as usual. He taste like mint toothpaste. I wrap my arms around around his neck and kiss him back gently.

” Good Lord.” We pull apart and glance at the kitchen doorway. Kennedy stand beside it with her arms crossed. She’s dressed in her uniform as she grins. She push herself from the door and roll her eyes.

” Adults.” She mutters under her breath as she open the fridge to collect her morning orange juice.

Gray rolls his eyes and shoot himself dramatically.

” Such a sneak.” He mouthed and wink at me.

” Hi Kennedy.”

” Hi Gray.” She reply with so much humor.

I chuckle and hop out of the counter. Gray gives me a quick kiss on my cheek and rush out of the kitchen.

” So what was that ? ‘Adults’.” I ask Kennedy.

She rolls her eyes and sit on the counter stool.” You guys were clearly making out in the kitchen.” She grimace.

I blush and place two pieces of bread inside the toaster. How could she say that ? She’s supposed to be seventeen not seven.

” So you’ll be gone by Sunday huh ?” I ask her and caress her pigtails.

” Yeah. I really don’t feel like either. I’m gonna miss you but I’ll be sure to come back earlier.”

I laugh and nod. The toaster pop up the toast and I place them on a plate. I serve her the eggs and eat too. We eat up and I quickly clean the counter to take my bath. Manny drove Kennedy to school while Nick choose to drive me base on Gray’s orders. I tipped him and hurriedly drive myself to school. I park my car at school’s lot. As usual, eyes won’t stop checking me out.

Seriously , I’m not the first person to drive an expensive car. Alexa has about two Lexus one with a wing door. Most times i envy that car. I text the guys that I’ve arrived school as they pop in countless Emojis. Weirdos. I walk through school hall and most students begin chattering stealing glances at me.

” Ariel huh ?” I turn to my side and it’s Madison.

” Yeah , what ?”

She smile awkwardly and eye my outfit. Yeah I just visited puma.

” You’re not pretty bad yourself to get Gray to look at you.”

I huff and walk ahead of her. I step inside my first class and take a seat close to an empty seat. Ryan shows up from beside me as he takes the next seat.

” You’re going trending.” He smiles and wink.” Good morning , Gee.”

” Hi Ryan. I’m not going trending seriously.”

” Yeah. Mrs Carter.” He whispers and nudge me. ” I bet he’s lucky. You’re pretty and the most perfect thing to happen anyone.”

I sigh and smile slightly not knowing what to tell him. I’m out of speech right now. A good speech actually.

” Thanks , Ryan. I didn’t expect that.”

” Maybe true. Nobody expected you to be Gray Carter’s queen. Trust me Gee , it’s fine.” I giggle and open my bag to bring out a notepad to write.

” What would Gray want from her ?” I heard whispers from behind me.

” I bet she paid Gray to look at her. Bitch’s fuckin lucky.”

I bite the inside of my cheek and turn around. Madison and her goth friend. Assholes. The professor walks in as everyone keeps quiet. After class , Ryan walk me out of class and we talked about different stuff. He invited me to his frat party and I told him i would show up if the guys have nothing to do.

I meet up with the guys at Sands winches as we settle on our usual booth. I moan at my cake and fan myself.

” What’s up with you internship ?” They ask.

Alexa’s perfect eyebrows shoot up as she smiles at me above her drink.

” Good. Theodore Sterling is my boss. Sort of Gray’s rival.”

” Theo ?” Brandon gasp.

” How come you guys know everyone ?” I ask as they chuckle.

” Chill , boo. He’s hot and sometimes cold.” Piper says.

” How did you know ?”

” Maybe because Theo’s ex girlfriend dumped him to date Gray. Gray used her ugly ass and toss her in a trashcan.” Alexa speak up and finally sit down her drink .

” That’s terrible. He was a bit hard on me and he’s kinda annoying.”

” Can you cope with him ? I mean , you’re Gray’s girlfriend and you’re working with your man’s rival.”

” I don’t care.” I roll my eyes and eat up my munches. I wanted to talk about Leslie’s pregnancy but that’s gonna be absurd.

” Heard from your parents ?” She asks. I shake my head sideways. Truly I appreciated the little privacy they gave me after Leslie’s incident.

” What’s that on your finger ? Is that an engagement ring ?” Alexa asks as they take my left hand.

How come she always notice every slight thing I have.

” Woah. Tinkerbell. Is this a diamond ring ? Are you guys planning your wedding and you didn’t tell us ?” Brandon gibbers.

I roll my eyes and chuckle.

” We’re not getting married. It’s just a ring. Besides , I’m too young to get married. I’m not yet ready.”

” Fuck girl…” Piper coo’s and prop her elbows on the table to cup her cheeks.

” You’re like Kendall Jenner right now. You should get your cosmetic line already. Look at you.” Alexa says. Cosmetic line , that’s a hit. I should think about it.

” Why doesn’t he have a twin ?” Brandon mutters.

We laugh and I almost choke on my cake.

” What’s up with Ace ?” I ask Alexa and cock my brows. Ace is her twin brother who traveled out of the country and chose not to contact his family. What a boy.

” Ace is cool. You know Ace , he hasn’t contact me or even my parents. Dad’s still angry at him.” Alexa huffs.

” Who’s Ace ? His he cute ?” Piper asks and bites her bottom lip as she smirks. She likes hot boys and I bet if she sees Ace she’s definitely gonna ogle over him. He’s cute , I mean he is hot and obviously a mini crackhead. He’s a jerk too and always bully people in highschool.

” Ace is my hot twin brother. He fights with Ariel every single time.” Alexa chuckles.

” You have a twin ?” Brandon muses.

” A really cute crackhead.” I reply and giggle.

” Fuck girl , when are we supposed to see him ?”

” He doesn’t like school and he’s sort of a rebel to my parents. Dude traveled out of the country and decides it’s nice and wise to never contact us. I’m so fuckin angry at him.” She scoffs and I feel her pain.

I mean, Ace is an asshole and I bet he’s definitely gonna come back but people like me won’t forgive him easily. He might be a punk but he was one of my favorites. He would say to me sometimes that if we weren’t cousins he would have asked me to marry him and he would still bully me at school. So annoying.

” That shit hurts so much. Twin connections and all that stuff. He should have given you a call at least because you guys are twinny.”

Alexa rolls her eyes and stuff her tacos into her mouth. She’s angry that she missed her brother. I divert the topic to something else as we finished our meal. We go back to class to attend our last classes. Alexa left rather too early and I had to follow Brandon and Piper home. We play Xbox and I’m always loosing. It’s annoying I suck at video games and I liked it. I look at my time in my phone and I quickly bid the guys good bye before since I need to go to work.

I stop by to get gas since I’ve run out of gas in my car. I gulp the bottle water I’m holding and look around. A sight made me halt as I put down my bottle water. Alexa !

She step out of a black sports car and she remove her sunglass. A man gets out of the car as he arranges his black suit jacket and arrange his perfectly gelled hair.

Vladimir !


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