TWO FACED DEMON … (18+) … Part 9



Final episode.

What did you just called me. He asked staring at me with a blood shot eyes.

I’m sorry. I whispered.

Sorry, you say… How dare you call me a monster. He snarled and was choking him the more.

Please let him go.

You love him.

No, i don’t love him.

Your mouth is saying you don’t buy your heart is saying another.

Yes I love him but only as a friend.

Why should I believe you.

You’ve to, because I’m your mate.

Mate. He asked and chuckled.

What funny. I asked.

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You. He replied releasing his hand from Andy.

You bas***d, how dare you.

James get him out of here.

Sir please leave.

Dorothy tell me you’re not getting married to this…. Before he could finish up his statement a punch landed on his face.

Roy stop.

Dean let me kill him.

No don’t, he doesn’t deserve to be killed by royal blood.

You think so.

Yes Roy.

Leave now. Roy yelled.

He was about protesting, when Dorothy silent him with a slap.

Andy leave my house.

Did you just slap me.

Yes I did, are you going to hit me back as you always do.

You hit women too. Dean asked burning with anger…. How dare this fool hit his woman, his queen..he will pay dearly for this.

Dorothy, you hit me because of this monster.

My husband is not a monster. She yelled……. The moment she said that the red moon appeared at once and dean was burning up.

Ah, ah, ah, ah. He screamed.

What wrong with him. She asked with tears sliding down her cheeks.

My queen it time for you to heal him. The priestess said.

Heal him, what do you mean.

My queen do what your heart is telling you.

Before she could process what the priestess was saying dean has already changed into a demon.

Do it now. the priestess screamed.

Please save my brother. Roy pleaded.

My queen do it.

Dorothy go on.

She was about kissing him, when her ex stopped her.

Dorothy don’t kiss him.

What do you mean.

Can’t you see, they are lying to you, if you kiss him… you might die.

That not true my queen. James said.

Dorothy dear, don’t believe him.


Ah, ah, ah, it hurt. Dean screamed.

Tears was flowing non stop from Dorothy eyes, seeing how her mate was battling with his demon pained her, before everyone could say anything, she clashed her lips with his… ….. Making the red moon to shine on them.

It working. the priestess exclaimed.

Thanks the gods.

She disengaged from the kiss and was staring into hid eyed, like she was searching for an answer.

Thank you. He mattered.

For what. She asked.

For healing me, despite me being a monster.

You’re not a monster and one more thing, you don’t have to thank me…… I’m your wife remember.

I love you. He said shocking her.

You what.

I said I love you wifely.

I love you too. She said and locked her lips with his.

My king you’re heal. James startled.

I know James.

Brother. Roy called.

Roy. He answered and hugged him.


Thank you.

No no you can’t have her…… He was about stabbing her when a light shined on him causing him to lost hid sight.

Dean. She called and engulfed him in a hug.

I love you my queen.

I love you too my king.

It over let go home.


All hail the king and queen…….. All hail, the people chartered.

Finally it over, I’m no longer a king with a two face demon, am free all thanks to my mate.

Searching for her was not a bad ideal.

💗The End . 💗

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