TWO BRIDGES OF FATE … (18+) … Part 9



Cindy I opened my eyes and i could feel it that i am laying on a comfy place;it was a bed.I wonder who brought me to this place,the room is spacious and beautiful,especially the bed it’s so soft.Suddenly,the door became ajar and i saw someone,it was a young man like Caleb but what caught my attention the most is his eyes,no doubt he is handsome but his eyes looks very special,it has this blue colour and also sparkling like that of an angel.

Then i spoke up,who are you? Then he said,his name is Victor.Wow,what a wonderful name i said in my thoughts.
Victor She looks so beautiful and her voice sounds angelic.Then she said,how did i reach this place.I saw you on the floor lying down helplessly in the middle of the forests.So i decided to help you.You’ve to take alot of rest first then tomorrow morning,Aiden wants to see you,then i will explain somethings to you.
Cindy It was like he was blabbing,after he finished what he was saying and he wanted to leave i told him to wait. Please,stop.Then he stopped, looking directly into my eyes.I just want to tell you thank you,although i don’t know you that well but i guess tomorrow we can get to talk and know each other better,right?
Yes,he said looking stressed. Okay,then I said swaying my hands up and down to make things clear and official.Then i said goodnight and he left without looking back.I sat on the bed in the roow that was given to me and my thoughts drifted to Caleb and Damian.I hope they are alright and i hope they are not seperated like i am . Then i began to think about what will happen tomorrow and who Aiden was.I think it should be that old man that appeared to Damian and i,that name sounds familiar.Then she drifted of to sleep.

Victor I don’t know why am feeling a special force since when i saw this girl,i don’t even knnw her name,i don’t know why am attracted to her,may be it’s because of her beauty,well am not sure.I better go to sleep now,cause i have an hectic day tomorrow.

Cindy Waoh! This place is cool and awesome.Then i sighted Damian and i shouted. Damian,wait up for me.I was about to cover up the space between us but someone blocked my view.I noticed that the person was a woman,i tried to step to the other side so that i can get to Damian,but she stopped me.

Where do you think ya going to,she said looking wild.I ignored her question and asked her who she was but she said,i am Kendra the one who knows what is right and will always fight for what she wants.She also said that Damian is now hers and she told me to leave.I felt reluctant but i left and i turned to my right position and i saw a glittering throne with the sign Throne Of Peace.I walked towards it and i sat on it,the throne brought peace,comfort and relieve to me.Kendra smiled wickedly and she dragged Damian to an unknown direction and i shouted out No! Till i woke up,i never knew that it was a dream.


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