TWO BRIDGES OF FATE … (18+) … Part 8



Damian Arrgh! where am i and what’s that foul smell; i said looking around then i noticed that i was in a dungeon and lying beside me was Caleb. How can this guy sleep so comfortably in here,i can’t believe that i am in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trash.I looked at Caleb and i kicked him hard on his rib. Son of a bitch,look at yourself and you also stink man.
Caleb I woke up and looked at Damian with anger written all over my face. You sure have some guts you bastard. You guys have to get out of here before you are closed in there with those trash,got it. We looked at each other and then the stranger who was still there waiting for us to get out of the place but i kept on looking at the lady’s face then i noticed that she looks familiar.Then i shouted.
Kendra!!! Who are you? It’s me Caleb,your old pal! Oh My Gosh,i can’t believe it Caleb,so it’s really you.

Long time no see.We hugged and cracked some jokes,before we were interrupted by Damian.
Damian It looks like they’ve known each other for quite a long time,well i need to get along with this sweet figure eight.Now is my time. Ummh . . . Oh! Am so sorry Damian,my bad.Well lets start it this way.Kendra,this is . . . Caleb tried to introduce me to the lady but i cut him off. Don’t try to waste your time,hello beauty am Damian and you are Kendra.I said holding her hand to my lips and kissing it,i was not even surprised when she smiled,cause any lady that cross my path will surely fall for my charming looks.

Kendra Oh My Gosh,this guy is so handsome,i have to hook him up with me,i can’t let him slip off my finger tips.

Well,it’s a pleasure meeting you.You look so beautiful Kendra,he said in his masculine voice which sent shiver down to my spine. Thanks for the compliment;i said looking straight into his eyes,i could see the man i have always dreamed off and wanted in him,the perfect man for me,only i,Kendra,will keep him to myself.
Caleb Oh! No,i hope they are not in love,with the looks in their eyes something is definitely fishy.

Damian! wait a minute,where is Cindy,i said looking at the dungeon but she was no where to be found. Cindy? Kendra said with a who cares look. Uhm! Yes,Cindy is just a friend to me.Damian replied trying to explain.Oh! My God,i said to myself and then looked at Damian with disgust,a surprising look and dissappointment.How could he do such a thing just because of a girl he met some few hours ago,he has just stabbed his so called girlfriend at her back.

He is such a jerk and he has just acted like a pimp . He fought with me the other day because of his girlfriend , now he has just denied her . Uhm ! I hope she is safe where ever she is .

Kendra Geez , i said in my thought , why is this guy acting weird and now caleb is acting as if he has just seen a ghost .

You guys travelled back in time right,i said raising my hands up at the same time,displaying the i don’t know sign. Yep,they both said looking confused but Damian was a little bit cool. Then,probably she is in another town or city but still in the same time,so you guys should chill a little.You don’t need to worry,i said trying to ease their tension but still it was the same,then an idea came to my head,why can’t i try my luck then. You guys can stay in my house for sometime and later you can search for Cindy or whatever. No,thanks Kendra,will we manage on our own,Caleb countered back,he said immediately he finished his statement,i looked at his face with a mischivious smile on my lips.Geez,this guy is such a kill joy.He can’t stop me from carrying out my plan.


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