TWO BRIDGES OF FATE … (18+) … Part 7



1236,London. Cindy. Ouch! It hurts.Then she opened her eyes. Uh! where am i? she stood up and found herself in the midst of large trees. This is actually a forest,now am helpless.Damian,Caleb!!! I wish they are right by my side. She heard footsteps behind her but when she turned her face to the direction of the sound,everywhere became silent like a grave yard.Then she heard the same sound but when she turned only the chirping sound of the birds were heard.

She heard the sound the third time and then she knew it that she was in danger,she saw three hefty men coming towards her. `Please stay away from me’,i shouted but they refuse to listen, they came closer and i was in the middle feeling so scared . Not quite long one of the men captured me from the back that was when it become clear to me that am doomed . One man held my hand and the other one held my leg and lay me down . I became unconscious because lots of things was going through my mind .

The last man standing pulled my dress over my face and he pulled his trousers,my mind told me that he was about to r@pe me or do something more evil to me.

Shut your mouth you stripper, one of the men holding me down shouted in disgust.He looked at my body grinning foolishly. Suddenly,i could feel some energy rushing through my body,from my legs to my brain.

Take your hands off me;i said in a hush and scary tone which made me scared and also the hefty men.I snarled and i could feel my front teeth growing longer into fangs.I knocked the three men off and they fell down hitting their bodies on a tree.I screamed and the whole forest was vibrating and shaking with fury.I couldn’t stop myself and i knew that my soul and body wants revenge.I carried one of the men and threw him at the rest but not quite long one of them stood up pointing a knife at me,he began to run towards me but something in my mind kept on telling me that i can do it.The man stopped and threw the knife at me,it was like the speed of light,the knife stabbed me right in the heart of my stomach,immediately the men knew that i have been stabbed they took off.

Back into the forest and i tried to call for help but i was too weak and i also thought that who will come to my aid in this forest,i was feeling dizzy and i lay there for sometimes till my world became dark.


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