TWO BRIDGES OF FATE … (18+) … Part 6



Waoh! I can’t believe this,so you are human,we thought it was a beast.Cindy declared and still staring at him suspiciously. Nah,but i am not a human,i am a vampire.Well let me introduce myself to the two of you,my name is Caleb,i was feeling the presence of your energy immediately you reached here so i thought,i should help you before things gets out of hand.

Oh! Thanks but i don’t think we need your help,we can take care of ourselves. Damian busted out like a mad man till Caleb stopped him.
Eh! slow down lover boy,i know what you mean, i can read your mind remember i am a vampire,i am married so don’t think i will snatch your pony girlfriend from yah.

How dare you,who is a pony.
Cindy said raising her chest up. Oh yeah ! The two of you are crazy,am only here to help,so lets stick together.Damian grabbed Cindy’s hand and said `lets give it a try Cindy,what do you think?’ Well it’s worth trying for,she agreed holding Damian’s hand tightly. So,do you guys have the clue to where you’re heading next? No! He replied sharply. Damian! That’s very obnoxious,you should learn to talk politely and control your angers. Right,thanks.That is why you are the best. Actually Caleb we are heading to the Sharpis Bridge,do you know where that is?

Sure,that place is a sacred place for vampires only no doubt that should be where you are going to. Caleb am sure you are a guy,so stop talking and act like one.Cindy hop on my back.He carried Cindy on his back and they all flew to the east.
Cindy. She viewed the country from the sky and it was very breath taking.The breeze was so refreshing.

From the top of the sky.They kept on flying for some minutes,before they stopped at the entrance of a beautiful gate.They wanted to fly in right away but they decided to enter through the gate.They tried knocking but it was of no use because no one responded.They opened and enter the magnificient building.There were different stairs which made them more confused.

They were about to high tail the place when they heard footsteps coming towards them.They turned and saw a beautiful woman coming towards them looking poptastic. Am sure you are all here for an important purpose,she said. Yes we are,they all replied looking sheepishly.Well my name is Tonia,i am one of you and i live here,we’ve been waiting for someone to come here and fulfill their purpose but no one has.Now you are here and am sure you are here for a purpose we have long been waiting for.Follow me,she said pointing to a door.They entered and what they saw made them drench to their bone marrow.They saw thousands of vampires dressed in white,from the crown of their head to the sole of their feet.The woman led them to a statue which looks so ordinary.Cindy looked at the woman and said,what’s so significant about this statue. Only vampire’s will know how special it is,look at that part. They saw the statue of a hand with five fingers and the other one with one finger. Cindy you have the key to this part. Me! i don’t understand. Okay! your necklace,the ring on your necklace is the key. Waoh! Damian,so am part of this world.How is this possible. You will understand the more you travel. She gingerly took off her necklace and placed the ring on the part with one finger.Then the statue began to shake and the remaining finger’s appeared.They saw a button on the hand of the statue and Cindy was given the honour to push the button,a letter came out of the statue but when they tried to read it,the letter was awkward:

“The force of good and be together.Find your and father in the good and evil shall meet”

Damian this letter is so weird,how can we understand the message in it.

That’s true Cindy,the message in this letter is unpalatable.Caleb what do you have to say. Well . . . um . . . i don’t know,i thought you were a brainiac.
Excuse me,are you trying to tell me something indirectly? You bloody bastard. Now i am the bloody bastard,what about you,rascal! Cindy kept on staring at them while they were exchanging unpleasant words to each other. Will you guys stop this nonsense;she shouted staring at them angrily.Oh My Gosh,i can’t believe that i am in the midst of babies acting like geniuses. We are sorry,they said together. Let’s get back to work;she said in a serious tone.Look at this sign at the edge of the letter (. . .) it means that something is still missing in the letter,we have to find the other part. What a brilliant idea. Oh! Tonia;she said feeling blushed.

It is time;they knelt down and was given the white blood. We lay Caleb,Cindy and Damian in another time in God’s ultimate time.They kept on chanting till they became dizzy.


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