TWO BRIDGES OF FATE … (18+) … Part 11



Damian I have to tell Kendra about my mission here with Cindy; i hope she is okay.
Um . . . Kendra i want to tell you something, it’s about my mission here . Wait, she said , before you say anything ,i know everthing about you. You can’t continue this mission. Why? I need to be with cindy, i need to look for her. You can’t,because she is from the good force . Well ,so am i . No,you’re wrong you’re from the evil force . It has been destined and also your attitude shows it.

But i love her, can’t we still be lovers,can’t evil and good come together.

No, you guys are not meant to be . You’ve got me right am from your force . Am sorry kendra but cindy is my girlfriend . That was then,now that the secret between the two of your destiny has been known,wait what did you just say,sh sh she’s your girlfriend.

Yeah and what’s wrong with that . But you told me she’s just a friend,well thanks to my tinkling sense , i appeared to her in a dream and will be taking her right place in the vampire world.

What? You’re such a bitch . Hell,no you’re the foolish one here, she is from the good force and you’re from the evil force . How?
Victor We entered the building and we saw a glittering gold chair with the scription on it “THRONE OF PEACE”.I could feel some special force coming out from it.We walked towards it and cindy couldn’t wait any longer, she sat on it and almost immediately everywhere was sparkling with flashy lights;her dress changed into white with a gold crown on her head. We gasped and she place her hand on the chair and she noticed button , i could see the excitements in her eyes , before i could stop her from pushing the button she pushed it and out came a paper . I picked it up and said this letter is missing something, she came to my side and checked it , then she smiled And said i think it’s what i have been looking for,i have the other piece.
Cindy I put the piece together and immediately we heard a sound like a door was opened with force,i read the letter and it says: The force of good and evil are not meant to be together.Find your mother in the evil force and father in the good force.Then the force of good and evil shall meet on the field of peace. Then i said in my thoughts does it means that me and Damian are not meant to be.I don’t get it,well lets see how this goes. We turned arround the building and we saw a door with a long passage.
Um . . . Victor,do you know where the field of peace is,i said as we were walking down the long passage.He said,it should be in this building besides,i think the letter Is connected to the place we are heading to.

When we came out of the passage we saw a field;i was so delighted and also anxious to see my parents.We got to the field and i saw a man with his arms spread wide,which means he is waiting for me to embrace him.My insticts told me it was my father.I ran as fast as my leg could carry me and we hug each other in a passionate way.


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