Mr Eric has been staring at me for few minutes now and I must confess, am getting more nervous
Eric: Which instrument are you good at ?
Me: mm….. Guitar and violin
Eric: you don’t know how to play a piano?
Me: am still learning how to play it sir
Eric: who is taking you piano lessons?
Me: Isaac
Eric: who is Isaac?
Me: my driver
Eric: and what does a uneducated driver know about instructions?
Me: a lot sir
Eric: whatever.. I’ll be taking you piano lessons myself.
Me: but sir, Isaac is doing a great job
Eric: you don’t tell me what to do. Just shut up and obey
Me: am sorry sir
Eric: do you compose songs?
Me: yes sir!
Eric: where is your songs book?
Me: its not with me and I can’t get it
Eric: I don’t care how you do it. You must submit your songs book tomorrow
Me: sir?
Eric: ma? You don’t understand English? You are an English student in the university so am sure you understand English
Ma: I don’t remember telling you the course I study in school
Eric: Victor told me. End of discussion. Itz not an easy task to sing with me. Apart from being a famous musician, am also the CEO of this company. I have five branches across the country. So you should be grateful for this golden opportunity that presented it self to you on a platter of gold. Now leave. I want to see you here tomorrow at exactly 10:am. Five minutes past 10 you are late. You’ll begin your voice lessons tomorrow. Now go!
I hurried out of the office, took my phone from my pulse and called Isaac to come pick me up
At Isaac’s apartment
I told Isaac all that happened between Mr Eric and I
Me: he is harsh. Very harsh. He is a jerk. I don’t think I can cope with him
Isaac: above all, he has a good heart
Me: be don’t. He look and so handsome and innocent in his pictures and videos yet he looks and act like a monster in real life
Isaac: but I still prefer him to Frank Edward and the rest. That guy is superb. He is super talented
Me: be is talented in music and wickedness
Isaac: chill flawless. You need a break from all these shouting. The next time he speaks rudely to you, just call me
Me: what are you going to do if I call you?
Isaac: I’ll kick his dirty ass
Me: you really need to see him in person. Am sure his appearance alone will make you hate him
Isaac: hmmmm………is like you don’t know Eric Anderson is every woman’s dream man
Me: not every woman. I can’t marry such a creature
At the McCalls mansion
Shania’s pov
I have been going through Eric Anderson’s pictures in my phone for the past few minutes now and I must confess, the guy is extremely hot. I’ll have to pay him a visit someday. He has everything I want in a man. As for Enoch, I hardly speak to him these days. I don’t think I need him anymore, I only did what I did because I don’t want Sonia to get into any serious relationship before me
As for Eric Anderson, if I can’t have him then no any other woman will. I know he’ll fall for me as soon as he set his eyes on me. I have this body that get men going crazy
As for Sonia, I have not set my eyes on her for the past 2 months. I didn’t bother checking her in school though. Greg has been acting strange since Sonia left. I wonder what’s up with him. Dad has been busy with business, always travelling from one place to another
The next day Sonia’s pov
I made up my mind to go get my song book . when I got to the house, I went straight to my bedroom. I searched for the book and I finally found it. I walked out of the room and I saw Shania yelling at someone on phone. I went closer to her
Shania: what are you doing here?
Me: I came by to pick up my song book
Shania: you still have interest in singing?
Me: more than before. Shania very soon I’ll be very famous. I will be singing on Tv with Eric Anderson
Shania: stop cracking dry jokes
Me: you think am joking? Okay! I pray you are alive to see that day. In case you want to taunt me, I stay at Isaac’s apartment
Shania: I know. I also know that he has been sleeping with you
Me: I’ll be glad to sleep with him. Do you know why? Because Isaac might not be educated but he is my teacher. He is far much better than all the men you’ve slept with. Isaac is not even your type . he can never have a relationship with a cheap whore like you. If Isaac ask for my hand in marriage, i ll gladly accept it. With this your attitude twinny, you can never get
married to someone like Isaac.


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