After the insult that night, I cried my eyes out as usual.
So up till now am still looking for a teacher
I was still waiting for my driver when my bestie and only friend Crystal ran to me. She’s just like Shania in beauty, I wonder how she became my friend. She is a political science student. I That particular day we first met, I was humiliated by Shania. She got angry because I told a lecturer that she’s my twin . She insulted me and told me never to tell a soul that we are related. That day, I went to the school library, instead of reading I was crying. I was crying not minding the environment. All of a sudden someone wiped my tears with handkerchief. No one has ever shown me such care apart from nanny vic
Crystal: its okay! I saw what transpired between you and Shania. I never knew you both are related. You both don’t look alike.
Me:yes! That’s because she’s got everything I don’t have
Crystal: I don’t know! But I prefer you to her. She’s way too rude. But you are quiet and simple (for no reason I smiled. Crystal is just so sweet to be with
Back from my thoughts
Crystal: you are not gone yet?
Me: am still waiting for my driver
Crystal: that annoying driver of yours ( suddenly my car drove and halt infront of me
A young man walked out of the car
Man: miss Sonia, I have been looking everywhere for you
Me: who are you?
Man: I am Isaac Mark, am your new driver. Your dad sent me to come pick you up with your car
Crystal: I think I should be going now. I will see you tomorrow
She left leaving me with my so called driver
Me: where is Mr Joe
Isaac: he has been assigned to your twin
Me: why does she want a driver when She knows how to drive?
I sat on the back seat. I can’t believe Mr Joe is now Shania driver. She always get everything I want and have. Now she has gotten my driver that I was about being friends with. I will have to give her a piece of my mind today
At the MaCalls mansion
I got home and went straight to the living room. I saw Shania reading a fashion magazine
Me: Shania, why are you always doing this?
Shania: and what is this dumb girl talking about?
Me: about Mr Joe
Shania: oh! The driver. I just realized that a beautiful damsel like me shouldn’t be driving herself round town
Me: you should have told dad to assign the new driver to you
Shania: he is not qualify to be my driver because he is not educated
Me: to be honest with you Shania, I don’t like this your attitude towards me. You derive fun from hurting me
Shania: I see you have grown wings now all because of Mr Joe. I know you’ve been sleeping with him
Me: every one is not like you
I went to my bedroom, took a quick shower and left the house, I decided to stroll round the area but suddenly my driver insisted on following me
Me: you are my driver and not my body guard so back off
I left him, I was going to nowhere in particular. After strolling for an hour, a realized that a car has been trying to get my attention, I wanted to run a way but a man walked out of the car, not just a man, a rich handsome man
Man: hlo miss
I was becoming shy again I can’t even look at him in the eyes
Man: I am Enoch Willson.I have known you for days now and I’ve been looking for this perfect privilege to hold a conversation with you
Me: oh! I am…….
Enoch: Sonia!
Me: you know my name?
Enoch: yes! I don’t know if we can have a chat
That was how I found myself having a chat with Enoch. He is jovial
After the long chat, we exchanged phone numbers and he requested to offer me a rude home but I declined his request. I strolled back home very happy. I guess my decision of going on a stroll was the best
Since then, Enoch and I became friends. He pick me up for lunch at school. He was treating me very special and I know I was already falling for him


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