Shania’s pov
Being the best has always been my main priority, I can’t wait for dad and mom to come back am sure they’ll be extremely glad to see my result. Sonia has gone to her room to soak her pillow with her dirty tears
We stay in different rooms, my best colours is pink n every ornament in my room re pink
Mum: hmmmmm! Today was stressful
Me: that’s my mom. I think they are back already. I need to quickly show them my excellent result

I ran and embrace my mom in a hug, then my dad
Dad: how are you princess?
Me: am fine dad. Mom, did you buy anything for me?
Mom: of course yes princess. How can I go out without buying anything for my princess, TADA!!!!( she gave me a shopping bag, I opened it and my new dropped immediately I saw what’s in the bag, it was a new iPhone 8
Me: mum
Mom: you complained about your other phone so I bought you a new phone
Me: thanks mom( I pecked her on her cheek)
Dad: that’s not all princess( he handed a car key to me)
Me:dad(I ran outside and saw a brand new sport car) thanks dad
Dad: you are welcome dear. More will come as long as u keep on making us proud
Me:well….. I have good news, I sco red 280 in jamb
Dad: I didn’t expect anything less. I trust you. What’s Sonia score?
Me: 186!
Mom: that girl only know how to bring shame to this family
Dad: where the hell is she?
Me: she is in her bedroom ( dad walked out. I guess he’s going to scold her again. Whatever… I should just continue enjoying my parents love. I wonder why God decided to bring her to this family to punish us.

Sonia’s pov
I was busy crying since after I saw my poor result. I know dad and mom are back. Suddenly my door flung open and dad walked in wearing that look he always wears whenever he is furious
Dad: you this little brat, despite all my earnings you still came out with poor result?
Me: am sorry dad. I read but…..
Dad: but what? Sonia, why do you enjoy getting me angry? I sent you to the best school and this is the outcome. Why can’t you just be like your twin? She is doing well academically. Now listen young woman I will try to see that you gain admission into the university but you must accept any course given to you. And I will only take you outside the country for your treatment when you start having good grades.

He stormed out of my room. I continue crying from where I stopped. This is the kind of life I have been living. My family chose Shania over me. At times I wonder if am the daughter of the McCalls

Few months later( still on Sonia’s pov)

I was able to gain admission but I was given English language. Shania was given the course she applied for. Am currently in 200level and to be honest my result is still very bad. Shania and I attend the same university yet we act like total strange r in school. She drives home in her car while I always wait for our family driver to come pick me up. Dad got me a car but I don’t know how to drive so I don’t bring it to school. You need to see the drama that unfold the day dad bought me the car.

I was busy on my laptop when dad called me to the living room. I looked around the whole living room. Mom was sitting close to dad while Shania was sitting close to Greg. They were all staring at me in the manner I don’t understand. Then Shania spoke up

Shania: dad do you have to do this?
Dad: yes princess. People are talking
Shania: let them talk. They have no right to poke their nose into someone else business
Mom: princess, if your dad don’t do this they’ll think Sonia here is not our blood.they want her to receive equal treatment with you

I just stood like a statue not getting what exactly they were saying
Greg: uhn!!! She don’t deserve this. Why must she be given a car?
Oh! So its actually because of a car
Dad: Sonia, here is your car key(he handed me a car key) it’s a new car, teach yourself how to drive

Me: okay dad, thanks(I walked quickly to my bedroom. With the way my legs were shaking I could tell their eyes were on me. Up til now am unable to use my car because no one wanna teach me.
I remember how shania reacted when I told her to teach me how to drive

That fateful evening, I went to her bedroom, I hardly go there. After knocking twice, she finally opened the door.
Shania: what?
Me: am sorry for disturbing you. I want us to talk
Shania: go on
Me: can I come in?
Shania: no!!! Say whatever you want to say here
Me: okay!( she has always been like this. I wonder if we are really twins)

Em….I..I want….. I want you to teach me how to drive( she bursted into laughter. I don’t know what funny in what I said. Finally she stopped laughing)
Shania: you want me to teach you how to drive?

Do I look like a teacher to you? Even if I want to become a teacher I wont waste my time teaching a blocked head like yours. Even if I teach you how to drive for 10 years you won’t catch up because your skull is empty. So, you want me to waste my time teaching you, you sure have guts


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