TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 5



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

The next day was Saturday. Also known as sleep in day from watching movies all night. This time I slept it but not from movies, the pagning pain in my head was too much to bear.

I knew when I came to I’ll have an enormous amount of chores waiting for me. I didn’t care about that.

I just wanted to sleep and forget everything that happened last night. I hoped and prayed Riley hears me out and Richard, Stein, Tony and every other guy and girl at the party forget about that stupid dare.

After my silent prayer, I snapped my eyes opened and jumped out of bed.

As expected, my aunt and uncle were out to God knows where. They lived their lives and I lived mine.

They did leave a parting gift. A huge pile of laundry for me to do and a list apparently.


It read bodly making me scoff. I held it upright and read out loud.

  • Scrub the whole house. Every inch.

  • Do the dishes.

  • Cook lunch. Don’t let it to be too salty.

  • Dust the furnitures.

  • Clean the utensils.

  • Wash the bathrooms.

  • There’s money on the counter for pizza when you’re done.

Ironically, I was to cook lunch but have pizza. It was about Eleven am in the morning and my the time I’m done with everything on this list, it should be at least four pm.

They didn’t treat me like a step daughter or anything, I just felt like I wasn’t treated like their own. It would’ve nice to feel the love a parent growing up.

Sadly, we don’t always get what we want. I just have to live with it.


“Here you go.”

I handed the pizza guy a two dollar tip and shut the door.

I turned on the TV filling my lips with pepperoni pizza. I moaned in pleasure watching a TV show and pressing my phone at the same thing.

My phone started ringing, the pizza slipped from my grip when I saw it was Riley.

📞 Hi, I’m so glad you called.

📞 Check what’s trending on Twitter. She stated and hung up.

I twitched my lips feeling a little perplexed. Turned off the TV and concentrated solely on my phone.

Joana was doing a live video. Only two people were watching. Riley was one of them. I got my earpiece and connected watching her speak.

“Shout out to everyone who’s currently joining us now.”

Her viewers had increased to Ten now.

“I’m doing this video to remind everyone of the current bet doing on at Lockwood high. Most of you may have been dead drunk yo remember which is why I’m here to help. On Friday night, star student Richard Lockwood was given a dare. Everyone knows he cannot say no. ”

I paused and get viewers were almost a hundred by this time.

Joana cannot be doing this.

“The dare was a simple hard one. Make a not so popular student Kyla Malik fall in love with his best friend Stein. I did this because Lockwood has been kinda dry these days and this is sure to spice things up.”

She winked and I checked. Two hundred viewers.

“To keep things interesting, I’ll be giving updates. Just check in every day and view the latest on what’s happening. I guarantee you this is going to be spicy. Rumours are already arising that Kyla just lost her best friend Riley because of this. I wonder why. I’ll do my best to answer that question on Monday. This is Joana Kim signing off.”

She did a little wave and the video ended with nearly five hundred viewers.

I gulped astonished at her actions. On Monday, everyone would be talking about this crazy dare.

“So much for forgetting.”

I plopped on the sofa not knowing how to fix things with Riley. My best friend probably hates me now.


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