TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 33



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

I stood transfixed on the spot. I had planned on saying shitty things about how the past few days were fun but it was a mistake and It has to end and all that.

I never expected his reaction. I don’t even know why he reacted that way. The only thing I know is that it hurts. Somehow, the tone of his voice made my stomach churn. It doesn’t make it better that he just walked away with Stein.

I ended everything and moved on for the better so why does it still feel like I’m not done yet. I hate this feeling but it refuses to go away.

I sighed lowly and moved my body outside the school gate until I reached my home.

I took a longer shower. Longer than anything I’ve taken in a really longer time. When I stepped out, I was numb all over.
Granted the shit was over and behind me,I still felt weirded out. I still felt undoubtedly hurt but the one billion dollar question is why.

Distracting myself from my crazy thoughts, I picked up my phone and tried to find something else to occupy myself with.

Then, something caught my eye. Joana was doing a live podcast. I remember vividly ending everything today so what could she still be talking about. I tuned in to listen hoping this won’t be something I’ll regret in the future.

🗣️ Okay, you must all be wondering what new story I have for you today?

🗣️ Well, I don’t have much to say other than Kyla Malik dropped out of the dare today. She was chicken and didn’t want to admit falling for Stein already. Everyone knows it was inevitable so I bet this way she got out easily.


I thundered in anger.

🗣️ Kyla Malik is a coward. She’s the girl who betrayed her own best friend because of a guy. The girl who dumped that said friend after she was done. These are all her toxic traits and many more. A girl like Kyla Malik doesn’t deserve your respect. She’s no better than a fucking hoe.

I raised my phone smashing it on the wall of my bed room groaning in anger. All I saw at this point was red. I clenched my fist blinking my eyes rapidly so I wouldn’t dare cry. I don’t want to cry. What she said doesn’t even make sense. The dare was to make me fall in love with him so now I dropped out because I already am. I rubbed my temples because when you do think of it, it makes a little sense.

I promised myself I would be strong instead she’s pushing me to the very end of the rope. If I fall, I’ll drag her down with me.

“So much for wanting to settle his amicably.”

I thought to myself changing into a different set of clothes.

My uncle hadn’t come back yet so I just informed my aunt and walked out of the house.

I walked around in circles for some time before ending up at the bench in the park.

I sighted Richard from afar and rushed towards him.


I tugged at my shirt a little nervous.

“Hi. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Yeah… Can we talk?”

I asked hoping he wouldn’t walk out this time.

“Yeah. Sure.”

He agreed and we found a space to seat.

“I’m sorry about how things turned out. I just didn’t want to carry on anymore.”

“Yeah I understand.”

He responded lazily.


I called out trying to touch him. He moved away and for some strange reason it hurt.

“You ended the dare because you’re already in love with him.”

He spat out making me gasp.

“I’m not in love with Stein. I ended the dare for my sake. I lost my best friend because of it then I realised we were never even friends in the first place. I missed being boring. I just wanted to go back to that place.”

“You were never boring.”

He said earning a surprised look from me.

“Still, I miss my old life.”

“Alright. So you want things to go back to exactly the way they were.”


I stuttered nervous at the look he was going.


He drawled out inches away from me.

Nodding my head unable to response, he moved even closer.

“Well, I don’t.”

And then, he slammed his lips on mine.

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