TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 29



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

I’m making actual progress with the list. And as to what I said to Riley, I did know things about her, thing she wouldn’t want anyone to know, things that are do terrible I could have her drowning in tears under a matter of minutes but to actually do those things to her, I can’t. She’s been with me through alot and I can’t possibly repay her like that although I can’t say the same for her.

Moving through the hallways, gossip spread like wide fire as usual. People began to come up with their own theories and all. I had better things to do with my time. Much more important things. Just two though. I doubt I’ll be asking Riley why she was in tears or making out with Stein. I’ll put that for later, much, much later. Today, I’ll simply talk to Tony and Ryder. Those two have major explaining to do.

The bell was rung for first period so I rushed to my locker to get my things and go to class. Those boys would have to wait.

I pushed the door open and walked in moving to my usual seat. I felt annoyed noticing a figure already seated there. My name wasn’t written on it and all but everyone knows I seat there so the person should take a hint. I increased my pace. As I did, I noticed the farmilar figure. It was Stein.

“Umm, you’re in my seat.”

I stated feeling a little nervous.

“Right. Sorry, I just wanted to catch you on time.”

He moved to the next so I could take my seat. I felt strangely weirded out like he was watching my every move. The teacher hadn’t even come to class so I had nothing to do.

“I wanted to talk to you about what you saw yesterday?”

He officially has my attention. I turned and met his gaze.

“You mean how you and Riley made out in the locker room.”

“Yes. That.”

He cleared his throat and I watched keenly.

“She made the first move and I couldn’t resist. We kissed and that was it. I told her it meant nothing and I think I might have hurt her feelings.”

“You think.”

I responded almost immediately and rolled my eyes. Killed two birds I didn’t even want with one stone. Rejection hurt her so badly she cried. Riley has changed though. If Stein was telling the truth, I would never imagine she’ll throw herself at a guy.

“I didn’t mean to really. I just didn’t want to get her hopes up. She seemed really excited after the kiss and I don’t want her thinking we could be an item or something…”

“So you crushed her?”

“I know it was cold, I felt bad. I still feel bad…”

“Why do I get the feeling there’s more?”

He exhaled deeply confirming my statement.

“She was frantic. In tears and all so she started rambling. I tried to calm her down so she demanded to know why I didn’t like her.”

“What did you tell her….”

I drawled out with clenched teeth.

“I told her I had feelings for you.”

He dropped the bombshell and I literally froze. Before I could ask further questions, the teacher walked in demanding our full attention.

Fucking problems after problem. Although, some things makes more sense. Now I get why she acted out in rage yesterday, it’s not justified but I understand. Things are really going back for me. Real, real bad.


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