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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 28

4 min read



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

I found it really hard to look Richard in the eye after what he just heard. He must have thoughts about it. Most of them circulating about how I’m a terrible person. He must think….

“How can I ever let my best friend be close to her?”

I wouldn’t blame him. Riley’s right. She had no right to say it but every word is right.

Just then, I felt a warm tug on my arm forcing me to lift my head up.

“No one understands messed up parents more than me. Don’t ever be embarrassed about something like that.”

I didn’t realise we were so close because I can hear every word clearly as his breath slowly fans my face. The feeling is eccentric to be honest. I’m glued to staring at him and i can’t seem to tear my gaze away. I don’t want to.

“Thank you, it means a lot.”

I mumble playing with my hair nervously.

“It’s fine really. I just want you to cheer up. Everything will be fine, I can talk to her myself.”

“Nope. She drew the line and made it personal. I’ll talk to her tomorrow. Don’t worry about it.”

I exhaled sharply. He hesisted for a second but gave in afterwards.

“I should be heading home now I guess.”

He says and I exhale again. I don’t want him to leave. The feeling around him is warm and cuddly.

“Oh, alright. I’ll see you in school tomorrow I guess.”

I avoid sounding clingy so I have to act nonchalant.

“Alright then.”

Before I can avoid what’s happening, he pulls me into a tight but warm hug. My hands find themselves circling his neck. It’s like an unconscious response and I hate it. I forgot to put in a word for Joana. I doubt I’m even going to do that after that stunt with Riley. She can burn in hell and kiss my ass. If she likes Richard, she can tell him herself. I’m not helping her.

The same way I forgot to tell him about Joana is the same way he never mentioned Stein once in the past two hours. I’m sure the goal was to make some progress at least. Instead, we ended up enjoying each other’s company like two teenagers. I lost sight of what’s really happening and so did he. At the end of the day, the dare is still happening. I can’t forget that.

“See you tomorrow.”

I mumble and pull away. His next action surprises me. He pecks my cheeks and turn away before I could protest. I’m glad him did because I find myself blushing uncontrollable. Oh God what’s happening to me


I didn’t take much time to prepare for school seeing as I still had alot to do. The top of my list was to talk to Riley.

My uncle seemed surprise I was at the car before him. Anger is definately a great motivator.

He dropped me off at school and I stroded inside. I hoped to find her quickly so we could trash this out.

I halted watching from afar the display in front of me. Riley and Joana were acting like long lost friends, best friends. It was painful to watch her be like that with someone else.

Nevertheless, I marched up to them with a smug look on my face.

“I need to talk to you.”

I mouthed firmly.


She responds with a snicker.

“I don’t fucking care. I need to talk to you.”

I retorted getting vexed. She can’t possibly think she’ll get away with it. Her eyes twinkled clearly not expecting my outburst.

“What do you want to say?”

“Nothing much. That stunt you pulled yesterday, total line cross Riley. It was low even for you. I could retaliate. We both know mine would hurt more, so much more. But guess what, I’m not petty. I have self respect so I wouldn’t stoop so fucking low. The next time you do something like that, I swear I might forget how much I care about you as a friend. You’ll hate me as an enemy. Have a nice day Riley.”

I stomped away before she could respond. I can’t explain his immensely good that felt.


What happens next!😲


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