TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 27



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

I clutched the bowl tightly while Richard concluded a funny story about a lost tooth or something. I arched my back and rolled my eyes in laughter when he was done.

An hour ago, I was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Now, I’m licking ice cream and laughing my ass off. Change is constant.

“So Kyla, feeling better now?”

He asks directly opposite me.

“Better? How?”

“Well, you looked like someone who was sad when I came in. How are you feeling now?”


I responded heartily with a smile. I dove in for another scoop but the bowl was empty. I guess that’s the end of my ice cream. I actually might go get some tomorrow, Richard just brought a whole new craving for me.

I walked towards the kitchen to dispose of the bowl and the utensils. I carefully placed them on the sink, turning around and about to walk away.

Our heads bumped against each other making me move back slightly in pain. I moaned and hissed lightly still in pain rubbing the spot before looking over to him. I’m left to wonder why he was standing so close to me.

I couldn’t help but giggle watching him in amusement as he made soothing sounds for his head.

“Serves you right.”

I giggled and walked past him. Suddenly, his hands grabbed my waist as I was about to pass him. His grip firm and tight. All measures to control myself failed and I ended up staring at him. The look in his eyes was unreadable.

Seconds later, he released me from his grip walking away like nothing happened. I waited for a few seconds to get a hold of myself before going back to the living room to meet up with him.

As always, the silence that follows was awkward with nothing to do. I exhaled knowing I would regret this but still did it. I reached over for my phone and tuned in to Joana’s pod cast. He arched his brows but said nothing letting me do what I want.

Each time I listen to it, it gets worse and yet I go back every time. It seem to have started already so I’ll just listen to what the bitch has to say and sign off. I exhaled for the second time in anticipation.

🗣️ Now that we’re back from the break, Miss Smoak as saying something.

“Riley’s there… Again.”

I thought to myself feeling hurt. All emotions came rushing back at once.

🗣️ Yes, I was telling you a very funny story. I’m not going to let anyone get deceived by that girl anymore. I’ll tell you all who she really is. She’s not the good nerd, average and boring. She’s proving that every day but here’s what you don’t know guys.

Riley paused having everyone on their toes including me. What could she possibly want to say to hurt me this time.

🗣️ Kyla lives with her aunt and uncle. Her parents are in Texas yet don’t want her to come over for anything, not even for a visit. Kyla herself knows her parents don’t want her. She’s bad luck and a terrible person. That’s who she is, that’s what I want everyone to know. Thank you Joana.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I tossed my phone to the wall and curled my fists in anger. Richard heard every word and I felt embarrassed to be near him. Everything she said is right. What parent wouldn’t want their child except I’m not wanted.

I confined in her that secret because she was my best friend. What does she do? She backslashes me instead.

I can take pretty much anything she does, I get it she’s hurt and feels betrayed but the fucking line has been crossed. This is something I won’t seat back, cross my legs and fold my arms.

I had no idea when my teeth was clenched. I didn’t care either. Tomorrow, I would give Riley Smoak a piece of my mind. I don’t care if she feels hurt afterwards, no one messes with something so sacred as my parents. Not even her.


  • Seems like action would be taken?
  • Does she follow through with her plan?

Read on. Find out.


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