TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 23



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

He huffed and even looked sideways before responding.

“I just want you to feel comfortable. You’ve heard alot about me so I want a chance so you’ll get to know the real me. That’s all Kyla.”

“Oh. Ok.”

I said shrugging my shoulders. I wanted to ask further questions like why would he care what I think about him or is there actually a different side to him that when I’ve perceived. Alot of questions were running through my head but I decided to be smart about it and let it go, for now.

A/N:When Joana and Kyla were talking, she meant why put the blame on “Richard” “Ryder” made the bet do not get confused.

“Alright then, let’s go back to the table.”

He states, I nod my head obliging.


I mouth and walk ahead of him. I have mixed emotions right now. So many mixed emotions. I shrug all away and we’re walking back to our table.

I notice the weirdest thing as Joana takes my seat. She usually seats with them but today her face is glowing, something must be up. Stein is staring at her not really staring but actually gushing. Then, it clicks. I actually think Stein has a crush on her or something. I almost puke at the mere thought of him falling for an arrogant and selfish bitch like her although I wonder why she hasn’t jumped at the opportunity to be with a popular guy.

My question is answered the second we make eye contact. She rakes her eyes between the two of us cringing. Then, her lips twitch in undoubtedly anger. It also clicked then and there. I feel like a fool for not noticing it ever since, the tiniest little details. Joana didn’t make the bet so I and Riley can have issues, she did it all for Richard. Obviously, Stein likes her and she knows Richard won’t go against his best friend for a girl so she came up with the next best idea.

Get Richard to make Stein fall for another girl. Once he’s sure, he can move on with Joana. It’s actually smart in a twisted way. If only I didn’t become the centre of her huge pawn I would actually be impressed. I lost my best friend because of her selfish needs. I clenched my fist, crazy desires running through my head. They all ended with her bleeding badly. That’s all I actually wanted.

I shot a massive glare in her direction. I hated this fact that we were going to seat close. It would not end well at all. I contemplated asking her to leave or finding another seat. It was a big table really.

“Kyla is in that seat.”

Richard says surprisingly. She smiles and stands up. It’s really funny the way she obeys him. I shook my head and took my seat going back to my meal.

Lunch break was almost over and so far no snarky comments whatsoever. The only thing I’ve noticed is that Joana has been constantly flirting. It’s sincerely disgusting to watch. I nearly puked twice.

“So…. Kyla.”

A random guy speaks up.


I trail off still eating.

“How’s the dare going so far?”

The moment the words leave his lips, I remember the impact I’m supposed to be making. Technically, I’m supposed to be convincing everyone I’m in love with Stein. What is wrong with me!

“Great I guess, Stein has been a lovely person to explore.”

“Sooo any kisses yet?”

He asks making me gag.

“Aww, come on. Kiss him.”

“Wait what…”

I trail off cleaning my lips.

“Yeah Kyla, kiss him.”

Joana says from the corner and I bet she’s smirking enjoying every moment.


  • What happens next?
  • Does she kiss him and what’s the reaction?

Read on. Find out.


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