TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 19



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

He pulled over and parked his car in the lot. Seems I’m a little lucky today. There were not much students loitering. The few who were there noticed our presence and began whispering incoherent words. Richard seemed to notice my change in behaviour as he followed my line of sight to the students.

“Don’t worry about them. Just act like they aren’t there.”

“But they are.”

I retorted, bowing my head slightly.

“I know but if you pretend long enough, you’ll forget that you’re actually pretending.”

He says looking straight into my eyes. His words seemed to have a double meaning. Just could place my fingers around the second.

“Let’s go.”

He demanded, I simply complied and we stepped out simultaneously. The students shamelessly gossiped. I followed Richard advice. The moment I stared at one of them, I’ll act like he or she disappeared and move on. By the time I got to the hallways, it was like the parking lot was empty. Best of all, Riley wasn’t there. I’ll break if she saw us together. Live to fight another day. I know she’ll hear but at least I didn’t have to face her. Not yet.

“Do you need ride home?”

He asks as we approach my locker.


I trail off wondering if I should say yes. It’s not that I can’t walk home, it’ll be a little tiring but I’ll have to get a car soon. Letting him bring me to school is one thing, allowing him take me home is just pushing it.

“Actually, I’ll be fine. Thanks for the ride to school.”

I put in my combination and begin taking the books I need.

“Alright. One last thing Kyla.”

He says, I close my locker slowly cautious of the words he’ll say next.

“I’ll really like it if you sat with us during lunch.”

I freeze momentarily. The offer was to be expected just not right now. Richard seems to be taking things annoyingly slow. His tactic obviously wants to get close to me before bringing Stein and i together. That’s the exact opposite of what I want from him.

I gave myself one week to get out of the dare. It’s day two and so far, I’ve made zero progress. It’s really annoying. I’ll have to step up during lunch. Do something that ups my game somehow.

“I’ll be happy to.”

“Alright then. I’ll see you there.”

He snickers and walks away. I’m left in the hallway with my books.

“I have to talk to Tony.”

I made a mental note as a reminder and walked towards class.

The first and second period were pretty boring with little or nothing to spice it up. I could not wait for recess to get as far away from here as possible.

The ringing of the bell was like music to my ears. Professor Donna was saying something about projects due but I’ll worry about that later.

The main goal is to find Tony. I knew our usual spot was in the garden. Most people didn’t go there so we had a little privacy.

As expected, he stood in a corner doing nothing. I walked up to him tugging at his shirt.

“How did you know I would be here?”

“Lucky guess.”

I smirk as i respond. He seemed unsettled for some strange reason.

“I can’t stay long. Someone might see and get suspicious. So, what did you want to tell me?”

I listen keenly eager to know what seems to be bothering him.

“It might not be that important to you. I just feel like you deserve to know.”

“Know what?”

“The dare between you, Richard and Stein.”


I trail off and he exhaled before continuing.

“It’s not just a dare.”

He states leaving me perplexed.


What does Tony mean?
What happens during lunch?

Read on. Find out.


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