TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 16



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

For the first time since well forever, I hated my ringtone. I wished I could just fling the phone off the roof. Wouldn’t do me any good since they’ve seen who’s calling anyways.

How could Tony be this careless to call me in the middle of dinner. I thought he understood it better than that. These three hate each other, I’m supposed to be the girl who’s falling in love with Stein and now Tony’s calling.

I’ll just have to deny any relationship between Tony Zen. I’ll say it’s a friend who lives down the street. I reach over to answer but Richard is faster.

“Hey, that’s my phone give it….”

I try to protest but his fingers are dancing around the answer button before they finally rest.

📞 Hello.

I can hear Tony’s voice from where I sat.

📞 Hello? Kyla?

📞 Hello Tony.

Richard finally responds. Tony doesn’t reply and there’s silence for another second or more than that.

📞 Don’t ever call her again.

“You don’t have a right to tell me who to talk to!”

I snap at him angrily.

“You’ll thank me for this later!”

He responds with a snicker.

“Thank you for acting supreme over Lord over my life or is it bringing your stupid teenage rivalry. You know what, I’m out of here. Thanks for dinner.”

I clenched my teeth, grabbed my purse and walked out. Richard got me here so maybe I didn’t think this one through. I checked my purse and I’m so glad I kept so emergency money with me. I hailed a cab quickly determined to get home fast.


Richard gruffy voice screams behind me. The cab pulls over and the second I try to get in, Richard closes the door. He hands the driver the full fee plus tip and the man drives off without another word. I fold my fist and shoot glares at him.

“I need to go home. I don’t have time for this at all.”

“Firstly, never knew you had a feisty side. I love it!”

He says licking his lower lip. For some reason that singular action has my eyes stuck on them. Like how are they so pink. Wait why am I thinking about his lips! I shook my head hard and thought of smacking myself, anything so I’ll regain composure. I barely had anything to drink else I’ll say I’m getting tipsy.

“Secondly, here’s your phone.”

I reluctantly took it from his grip. The top of his hand gently graze mine and he let the touch linger for a second before pulling away scoffing lightly.

“Thirdly, I brought you here. I’ll gladly take you back.”

“And Stein?”

“He’ll take care of himself.”

“Alright. I want him to get home safe.”

I said that last part to make my stand. Richard has to think that after today I admire Stein at least. It’s the first step. I only pray this stunt Tony pulled doesn’t ruin things for me.

“So how do you see Stein?”

“He’s fun to be with. Charming and witty.”

“That sounds like something you’ll say on paper because you’re being paid to or something. Say something from your heart or just casually laugh it away.”

His smiles afterwards and it warms my heart.


I chuckle immediately and he joins me deciding not to push it further. It’ll be for another day.

“Can’t we just take a cab?”

I whined making me chuckle.

“No we can’t. Here you go.”

He hands a helmet over, I reluctantly take it from his grip and get on.

“Hang on tight.”

He whispers against my ears before getting on himself. His breathe leave tingles in his wake. I still can’t comprehend the effect he has on me. I’m beginning to think am tipsy.

“There was alcohol in our drink right?”


He admitted and I’m relived. I’m getting tipsy, that explains all the emotions I’ve been getting since we had dinner. It’s the alcohol, it has to be.

Are we blaming the alcohol?
Seven days. How has day one been so far?
What happens next?
Read on. Find out.


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