TRUTH OR DARE … (18+) … Part 13



💕Kyla’s Pov💕

I listen keenly. It’s almost like they know I’m there. Joana takes her sweet time I. Getting her “interview.” Ready. A few days ago, Riley would loath the idea of crossing paths with her. Now, they’re in the same room together hosting a pod cast or whatever it’s called. Things do move fast, one minute you think everything’s perfect and the next you realise it’s all falling apart.

Seconds later, I hear her clear her throat obviously ready to begin.

🗣️ Are you ready Riley?

🗣️ Yes. Definately.

🗣️ Okay, good. Tell everyone in your own words how you feel.

🗣️ Well, I feel okay really. I’m glad I got to know exactly who Kyla is. You might have dared her but she finally showed her true colours and I’m happy. I excited to see how the bet turns out.

🗣️ And Stein? Do you still love him?

🗣️ Well, it doesn’t matter now does it. I’ll just watch from the sidelines. If you’re listening Kyla, I want to say I hope you’re happy. I really hope you are.

I can taste the sarcasm in her tone. I toss my phone aside and plop on my bed. Maybe Tony was wrong, if I opened up to her this wouldn’t be happening now would it?

Riley is too close for me to loose, I’ll think of something. I might not even last a week, I’ll bring something up and convince Richard I’ve fallen for Stein. The sooner the fucking bet ends, the faster I get my normal, average and boring life back. I just want to be the unnoticed girl again. I’m tired of fame and popularity. When will it end?

I shut my eyes wanting to get some rest. My thoughts are whirling, it’s like I’m forgetting something important although I can’t place a finger on it. I shrug internally regarding it as nothing until my phone starts ringing. The number is unsaved so I reluctantly answer.

“Hi Kyla. Are you ready?”

A strange yet farmilar voice asks. My eyes snap open and I remember the date with Richard, I rush to get dressed before giving him a positive response. I make no effort to get dolled up for him or something. I have no intention of making him feel like I’m going the extra mile.

About twenty minutes later, I hear the doorbell ring downstairs. I rush to the door so my aunt wouldn’t have to see him.

I carefully adjust my outfit and place a fake smile on my face greeting him outside.


We breathe out simultaneously. I couldn’t believe I chuckled afterwards but I did. I widened the door so he could come in.

“I’ll be right back. Just need to get my purse.”

He nods his head and I rush back to my room to get my things before closing the door carefully. I bade my aunt goodbye earning a suspicious look from her. Understandable since I never go out, much less with a guy. I’ll surely get an ear full from that when I get back.

I’m trailing down the stairs towards Richard but he seems to be talking to someone on the floor, he barely noticed my presence. I’m about to alert him but the next words that comes out of his mouth makes me freeze.

📞 Yes. I know the plan don’t worry, I got this. We’re leaving soon so don’t worry.

He states then hangs up and turns around to face me.

“The plan?”

I repeat questioning him.


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