I opened my eyes slowly but the bright fluorescent light that illuminated the room shone directly into my eyes thus making me close my eyes again.
“Becky,” a voice called, I guess it was mom’s though wasn’t sure. “The medication knocks her out,” the person said again.
Gradually I blinked open my eyes, then my auntie, uncle and Josh half-ran to my bedside.
“Thank God you’re awake,” my auntie said as she carressed my forehead.
“Becky isn’t going back to that school,” Josh added. “She has suffered enough.”
Though I felt pains all over, I cared less about it. “Which school?” I asked, shooting Josh a murderous look.
“Hey!!!” he exclaimed. “What’s up with that look?”
I sat on my bed in pains and that was when I noticed mom sitting on a chair, not jus a chair, a wheelchair. “Mom!” I screamed and jumped down from the bed to her. “What happened to you?” I asked and held her shoulders.
“Nothing dear, just a minor accident,” mom smiled.
“You call an accident that got you into a wheelchair minor?”
“Really, it’s nothing Becky, I’m fine,” Mom said persuasively.
“Come off it mom,” I said and stood up cos I had been squatting. “Where’s Nath and Ken?” I inquired.
“Nath is fine according to the doctor,” my uncle spoke up for the first time.
“Fine but what brought him to the hospital?”
“You both had an accident.”
“What! How, where, when?” I said, then suddenly remembered everything that had happened and what led to the accident. “Oh no! What about Ken?”
“That coward,” Josh fumed and folded his fist.
“They don’t have anything to do with our family anymore,” my auntie said and hissed.
“This is serious, mom this isn’t real, we’re being attacked spiritually,” I said and sat back on my bed in despair.
“Yes, and we must fight them,” a voice said and we turned to the direction of the voice.
“Good morning p astor,” they greeted in unison except me.
“Fake people,” I hissed and folded my arms.
“Why do you say so,” the pastor asked. He wore a white shirt and black trouser, then clutched a big black Bible to his chest.
“He’s a powerful man of God,” my auntie said, trying to sound convincing.
“Who cares?” I hissed again and faced mom, “You need to tell me everything you know about the marine world. I need to deliver Royal pearls from impending doom,” I concluded and the room became silent.
“I told everyone the truth except you,” Mom began after few minutes. “Please listen carefully,” she added and I nodded in approval for her to continue, then she started her story…
Gloria could be seen pacing around her sitting room with her phone in her hands. She kept glancing at the wall clock. It was 11pm on a wednesday night and her husband James was yet to be back from work. She had tried his number severally but none was going through.
Suddenly the door opene and James, her husband staggered in, smelling of alcohol.
“James where have you been?” Gloria asked and moved closer to him. “Gosh, you’ve been drinking, no wonder you stink like a pig, just take…”
She barely finished her statement coz James landed her a thunderous slap. “How dare… Dare… You… Question…” James stuttered and fell on the couch and soon he was snoring loudly.
Gloria cried her eyes out but as a caring wife, she dragged him to the bathroom and helped clean him up…
The next morning, James walked into the dining hall and sat on his seat.
“Good morning,” Gloria greeted and began dishing out the food.
“What’s this?” James barked and stood up, then fastened his suit button. “I told you I needed fried rice and you brought me jollof, how dare you?” he shouted.
Gloria ignored him and kept dishing the food but in anger, James packed everything and dumped them on her body. The plate and glasses fell on the tiled floor and broke into pieces. Before Gloria could say a word, James landed on her and started pouncing, beating her mercilessly.
After minutes of beatings and cursing, Gloria lay on the floor with bruises all over.
Since James had used his hands, she could still talk a bit. So she held his right leg and shouted. “You must kill me today, what have I done to deserve all this?”
“You want to know what you’ve done, fine,” James shouted. “Give me a child Gloria, I have had enough sex with you. I need a child,” he said, and with that shoved her away and left the house, not minding his rough look.
“James please, don’t do this to me, I beg of you,” Gloria cried…


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