Indeed life is a mystery and things happen at times which you can’t decipher. If people don’t say bad things against you cos of what you do, bad things happen to you unexpected. At that moment, I felt very scared as the double bunk kept moving slowly without making any sound. The more it moved, the more scared I felt. I tried touching it but I couldn’t and at a point it felt as if I was transfixed to the spot I stood.
Surprisingly, Mabel and the rest just watched me without anyone uttering any sound. I didn’t know what to do but a name came into my mind. Though I wasn’t so religious and much of a prayer warrior, I knew that name and only that name could save me, so I shouted Jesus! And like play, the bunk went back to it’s normal position, then Becky1 and the rest stood up and stared at me in astonishment.
I simply ignored them and wore my day wear, then picked up my novel and made to leave the dormitory but Prisca stopped me.
“Who do you think you are, angel Michael or Gabriel?” she asked, looking at me directly in the eye.
“Wow!” I exclaimed and dropped back the novel on the bed, then clapped my hands.”So you actually know names of angels?” I asked mockingly.
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Anny fired and stood up as well.
“I’m just surprised that she devils in human clothing know how to prononce angel not to talk of Michael or…”
“Shut up, you b—h,” Anny interrupted. “How dare you, are we worse than your mother who came to our river goddess to demand for a child,” she said.
“What!” everyone exclaimed.
“What have you done Anny?” Prisca asked, turning to stare at Anny in pity.
Anny looked like one who had made a huge mistake but only to realise a little too late. She glared at me, then turned and left the dormitory quietly, leaving me to face Prisca.
I picked up my novel and turned to leave but Prisca held my hand and pulled me back.
“Now face me, you idiot,” she shrieked.
“I don’t have time to exchange words with an unscrupulous b—h like you. If I stay here a few more minute, I’ll have to live on pills, you know,” I said with a smile.
“Be prepared coz you’re leaving this hostel,” she said.
“Not until my mission has been accomplished.”
“What mission is that?”
“Mission of eliminating the marine world,” I smiled and with that walked out of the dormitory with an heavy heart…
I walked slowly in a steady motion like the way people in catholic churches do walk when the want to go receive the holy communion. But instead of placing my palms together, I clutched the novel to my chest but unfortunately for me, I bumped into someone along the apian leading to Ss1 block.
“Hey! Be careful,” the person said and steadied me. He was the school gardener.
“I’m sorry,” I mumbled.
“Are you alright?” he asked.
“Yes,” I replied calmly and walked away to avoid further interrogations…
I entered the class and sat on my locker while staring at the white board infront of me.
Anny’s statement came flashing into my head. “Does
it mean the river goddess gave me as a child to mom?” I thought to myself.
“My love,” a voice called interrupting my thoughts. I looked up to find David, standing and smiling down at me.
I quickly stood up, “David!!! How did you locate this place?” I asked but he moved closer and placed a finger on my lips.
“I’m here to see you, please don’t ask any questions,” he smiled, pulled me closer to himself. Before I could say a word, he began kissing me furiously. At first I felt reluctant but I gradually reciprocated.
We kissed and kissed and he pulled off my day wear, leaving me with only my black underwear and pink pant. I completely forgot where I was till I heard voices shouting by the window. I came back to my senses and turned, only to find a crowd of students at the window, shouting “Lesbian, lesbian.”
I didn’t understand what was going on till I turned to David again but he had disappeared. My day wear had been flown on the floor while I stood there in shame with only my underwear and pant.
What now????


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