I couldn’t believe Rashida said that, well I do want to sleep with her, who wouldn’t? but that wasn’t why I invited her, I wanted her to have fun besides I don’t why she lies on the sand all day.
Women can really kill a guy’s morale, she completely made me feel embarrassed, I don’t know what’s she thinking but I have to get away from her to avoid any more embarrassment.

I jumped in the ocean and began to swim, the water feels so good, too bad Rashida decided to stay on the sand, Women you can never understand them.
I kept swimming for minutes, I dived into the water and see the wonders of the sea, the ocean was really beautiful, fishes of different color and species, too bad I don’t have a camera with me, I swam out of the water to catch my breath, I noticed Rashida was still on the sand 🏖..
As I was in the water, I realized all these months I’ve been swimming in one spot, I haven’t thought about going far to explore the ocean more, and besides items for the boat has been washing up onto the shore for some time now, maybe its time, I go out there and see if I would find something.
I wanted to tell Rashida but I noticed she wouldn’t even notice that I’m gone and by the time I get back she may still be there.

So I swam out to the reef to see if I could find anything interesting, I dived deep swimming with ease, I had my spear in case of any danger of some sort.
I didn’t know how long i was swimming but I knew I was far away from the island, I saw some things float ahead of me, maybe it was something useful, I saw there to see what it was, as I reach there I saw some packs all wrapped up with a tape, I took one of those and tore it with my spear, then some whitish stuff came out, it was probably cocaine or some kind of drug, as I looked down, I saw the boat that we were in, I took a long breath and dived into the water, as I reached the boat there was nothing only some tools for fishing as I searched the place, I saw a map, it was a in nylon bag, and it was safe from the water, I took it, I also saw some useful item, a digital waterproof watch and a gun, I took them all and got out of the boat, as I tried to reach up, I saw a big shark heading my way, I immediately swam up faster to escape their sight, as I reached up, I reached the water was acting strangely the current had changed, as I turned around to see if the sharks were coming, a big waved splashed over me sending me back under, I tried to come out again but another monstrous wave sent me down but this time it drifted me off course, I was no longer seeing the island, the water kept splashing and drifting me away, I couldn’t breathe properly and I couldn’t see what was going on.

I regretted leaving the island, the ocean was taking me somewhere else, what was I going to do, in that moment, I remembered Rashida, what would she do if she finds out that I’m missing, she would definitely freak out, and be worried sick about me, I tried my best to survive the waves splashing on me, but it was no use, I held the item as if my life depended on it especially the map, it could be our only way out of here.
I swam out and took a long breath as the waved stopped, just as I was celebrating my safety, another bigger wave splashed on me, knocking me out complete.


A bit later, I found myself on a soft sandy spot, with the items close to me, I stood up and brushed the sand off me,.
I looked around trying to realize where I was, this place was different, and quite scary, the place was quiet no sign of life, Darkness had already covered the sky, I took the items and decided to stroll around the place to see if I could find anything, I saw a mountain deep inside the island, so I went and climbed there to see if I could know where I was, as I reached up, I realised this was the same mountain that I used to climb but from this view it looked different, I could even see the fire I made near my shack still burning.

I hurried down and went back to my place, I knew Rashida was either asleep or eating to her satisfaction.
As I reaches there, I saw Rashida sitting on the shore, and she was crying, she sat with her hands folded and her upper body was exposed. As I called her name, she quickly turned and looked at me with surprise, what happened to her? Did she get hurt or something?

She came towards me and slapped me twice, I held my cheek wondering why she did that?


Justin ➡ Are you crazy? What’s wrong with you?


Rashida ➡ (crying) where the f–k have you been? Do you know how worried I was? I thought you were dead? How could you leave me like this? Huh, why?


As she said my heart went soft, I felt sorry for her, I didn’t know she would freak out likes this, it was my fault, I shouldn’t have gone that far without telling her, From the look of her eyes, I saw fear, agony and loss, I haven’t seen her look like this since her pet dog got crushed my a tractor on Christmas day. What I did was unreasonable and unfair, and I had to apologize.


Justin ➡ I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you, I won’t do that again, I promise I won’t leave you again.


As I said that, she rushed towards me like she was going to slap me but to my surprise she hugged me tight, whispering into my ears not to leave her again, I was surprised cause not only was she hugging me, but she was doing it with her breasts exposed.
I held her tight, to let her know, I won’t leave her again, we separated from each other and stood staring at each other, There was complete silence between us, and the tensions was rising, Rashida was looking at me with a kind of look in her eyes, something was urging me to kiss her but what if she rebuffs me, my heart was beating fast and my hands was itching to hold her but I couldn’t, why was I freezing like that? I had to make a move.

I didn’t know what happened next but it happened so fast, Rashida and I were kissing, she wrapped her hands around my neck kissing me like she was kissing her lover, I held her waist and kissed her as well, we were kissing for quite a while.
After we stopped we realized what had happened between the two of us, we let go of each other and went our separate ways.
I was walked off to the other side, I began to contemplate what just happened, who made the first move, and was it real? All these thoughts entered my mind wondering if I was falling for Rashida but either way, I was glad that it happened.


(🗽 Newyork city)


5months had passed since, Justin and rashida were gone, I kept investigating and looking for them, the bodies of kidnappers that took them, washed onto the shore on the Newyork beach, as it turns out, they were drug traffickers, that must have explained why they took Justin and Rashida, because they saw something they were not supposed to.
Some of their relatives were convinced that they were dead especially their parents, Justin’s mother had already given up on her son and prayed for him.
Even when I told people there’s still a chance, they were alive, nobody seem to believe me.


Marcy ➡ Just give up, Kevin, if those men couldn’t survive, what chance do they have?


Maria ➡ Marcy’s right, they’re dead. Just let it go your investigation and search will end up in vain.


Omotola ➡ they’re right, you guys should help me tell him, he has been doing this for months now.


Kevin ➡ Sorry guys, I just have a feeling that they survived the storm, maybe they’re stuck on some remote island.


Maria ➡ Every island that is close to Newyork has been searched and nothing has been found. I’m sorry Kevin, just let it go.


Everyone was right, maybe this is for the best, Every place has been searched and nothing has been found.
I left them and went to work, as I arrived at the office, I saw the picture of the one Justin and I took when we went and messed Rashida’s new car back in the middle of the night back in highschool , I laughed hard as I remembered that, it was a memorable night.
As I was remembering the good times I spent with Justin, my superior officer came in and dropped a file on my desk.


Superior officer ➡ Kevin, you look down.


Kevin ➡ Yes sir, just thinking about my friend, Justin.


Superior officer ➡ I’m sorry about your friend but we have work to do. Drugs are being brought into Newyork at the beaches and harbor but we’ve nailed them last night but some of them escaped, we tracked down one of them, his name is Marcus, he used to own a theater down at good old queens but as we busted his place, he disappeared , some of our informants say there’s an island, where they hide these drugs, if we can find this man, we can find that island and once we get to that island, the drug circulation will be a thing of the past. I want you to work on it, fast we’ve got no time.


Kevin ➡ Okay sir, I’ll start right away.


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