Months passed since Justin and I ended the things between us, i don’t know why I did what I did, but as it turns out, it was for the best, Justin wasn’t as bad as I thought, he was a good guy, he was kind and nice to me, i still could remember what he told me
It made me look deep into myself and realize how awful I had been all this years, they say people that truly love you tell you what’s right even if it will hurt you.
I remembered what he also told me about Edward, I knew that a—–e was cheating on me but I never had proof, Marcy warned me but I ignored her, protecting Edwards honor as a loving boyfriend, I never knew he was a literal piece of shit, but now that I know the truth, Its over between us and if I get back to the city, I’ll tell it straight to his stupid face.

It took a while before I got used to the place, as the months passed Justin showed and taught me a lot about the island, he taught me how to swim and hunt for fishes and crabs, and as it turns out, it wasn’t that hard, Justin also made me follow him to explore the island, he showed the places to go and the places to avoid.
The island was a paradise, it had alot of lovely sceneries and wonderful sight, like the ponds, it was cool and clean, I sometimes even took my bath there when ever I go exploring with Justin.

As we went around the island, we climbed the mountains to see if we could find something new, we even made fire at the top in case, a ship would pass by and see the smoke.
During our tour around the island, we discovered most of the item in the boat that we were on, like bottles of wine, clothes, a flare gun which only had two rounds of shot and a GPS phone which was soaked with water. They were all washed up in the shore, we took the items and went back to our shack.

Some of the items were quite useful to use like the clothes, they were very handy, the clothes on our bodies were all torn and battered, making us almost naked, as soon as we got these clothes we discarded the ones on us, the clothes were men’s clothing but it was better than being naked.

Since I moved to Justin’s place, we had been sharing his shack together and it wasn’t enough to contain us, sometimes we would sleep close together, at first it was awkward and embarrassing but we soon got used to it, soon Justin and I made a bigger shack with enough space to contain us both.

But life on the island wasn’t just only work and work, we sometimes relaxed and enjoyed the sun, since I had no bikini, I would move to a safe distance and get a tan, at least if I’m going to get back to New York, I have to look in my best.
As for Justin, he would go out and swim and play in the water, and i loved watching him do that, at least even though we can’t get intimate, I have to at least enjoy watching a hunky man stretch his muscles.

One day, I was having my tan, when Justin came to where I was, I quickly covered myself and asked what he was doing here!


Rashida ➡ Geez, can’t you I’m busy?


Justin ➡ Sorry Rashida, I didn’t mean to drop in on you.


Rashida ➡ So what do you want?


Justin ➡ I was thinking of asking you to join me swim.


Rashida ➡ You want me to swim with you.


Justin ➡ Yes, the water is great.


Rashida ➡ No thanks I enjoy staying in the sun. You go have a good time.


Justin ➡ Come on, the water is perfect besides, your skin looks good in water.


Rashida ➡ What? Look it’s nice you’re inviting me to join you but I see what you’re doing, you’re trying to hit on me, aren’t you?


Justin ➡ What? No I’m just asking you because…


Rashida ➡ Because you want to win me over? And if you succeed, you’ll be thinking of having sex with me, isn’t that right?


Justin ➡ What? Look I don’t know how you got that idea into your head , but it’s crazy, look you’re hot okay, but this is too much, I just asked you so we could have fun, not just so because I could get laid with you.


Rashida ➡ Don’t pretend, don’t think I don’t know, you’ve been watching me while I took my bath.


Justin ➡ Look, I don’t know what’s going on in your head, but I’m going, I can’t stand for this.


Justin left and went to swim, as soon he was out of sight I continued my tan.
But I began to think about what happened, why did I say those words? Justin was right, I was thinking about crazy ideas and its not my fault, its been months since I’ve been with a man in bed, and seeing Justin’s sexiness is just driving me crazy, I would love it if he f—-d me up real good but I was too nervous to make a move, I know Justin is barely resisting, what man wouldn’t like to F–k me if he was in this position.
And besides, If I made a move, I was afraid he would ignored me, because he and Maria were probably dating and being turned down would be so embarrassing.
God, I hope we leave this place because I don’t know for how long I can resist.

As I was busy thinking, I noticed they wasn’t any noise in the water, I stood up and checked to see if Justin had came out of the water but he wasn’t in shack, I called his name but there was no answer, I jumped into the water to see if he was in the water but still nothing.
I came out of the water , my mind was beating fast and loud that I could almost hear it, I began to panic and my breathing got low, my head spun and I felt dizzy, I laid down on the floor to relax my mind but nothing seem to be walking.

Justin was gone, he was completely gone but where could he have gone to? He can’t leave me here alone? Did he make a canoe of ship out of wood and escaped without me? I thought we were friends and friends don’t leave each other behind, Was he angry because of what I told him?
No that can’t be it.. What if, what if……. Oh God, may be he drowned, that has to be it, cause Justin doesn’t stay long in the water not even when he goes hunting for fishes.
This can’t be happening, I’m all alone in this island, how will I survive? I can’t get food like Justin does, what will I do?

I started crying, begging God to bring Justin back, I can’t stay here alone in this island, I don’t want to die here alone here, Please I need Justin back, he can’t be dead, he can’t be.
I stood up and went into the water, kneeling down and crying, I couldn’t believe how much I missed his company, Justin can’t be gone, he has to be alive.
I looked up in the sky and shouted his name.

“JUSTIN!!!!!! ”


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