The next day as I was sitting down lamenting on my misfortune , I saw some things floating on the shore, I ran to see what it was, it was some rubber tool box, I grabbed it and opened it to see what was in it, There was a knife, a small hand axe, and a coper wire rope, these items could be useful though, so I brought them out and threw the tool box back into the ocean, As I looked around, I saw a lot of things floating close to the shore on the other side, I ran and picked them up one by one, and unfortunately for me most of them were useless, especially the phone I found which was soaked with water, there was no way it would be fixed, not on the abandoned place, as for the rest of the useful things I found, there was a tent, a long spear used for fishing, a specs used for diving and more copper wire rope.

I sat down and watched this items before me and thought of what to do with them,
The spear could be useful in hunting fishes and not to mention, there were quite alot of crabs 🦀 on the shore, it wasn’t much but at least I won’t starve to death,and as for the knife and axe, they’ll be useful for cutting fire wood if I want to make fire, there was no matches but I’ll make fire the old fashioned way, which is rubbing sticks together, and the tent was in perfect condition, and if I set it up, I could sleep inside and finally there’s the copper wire, and I really don’t know what to do with it.


So after I thought of what to do with these items, I decided to go and get some wood, to make fire, cause I can’t catch fish without making the fire first, I took the axe and the knife and went into the woods, I checked around and see if there was any lower tree I could cut some woods from because all the trees were tall and big, as I went in deep, I saw an orange tree, and water melons all over the place, and there was a bush of blackberries, I rushed at them, plucked them and started eating them, they were ripe and delicious.
I stayed there for a while enjoying myself, there was quite a lot of trees filled with different kind of fruits, the trees on which they were on, was very high, so I managed with the ones my hands could reach.
After satisfying my hunger, I decided to cut some branches to make fire with, the branches were alot and I couldn’t take them all at once, if only there was a rope…. Just then I remembered I had copper wire, so I ran back for them, a bit later I came back and tied the branches with it and dragged it back to my tent, it was hard work but it was worth it.
After that, I used the knife and shaped some branches into long sticks for making the fire, as soon as I did that, I started making some fire, I rubbed the sticks into one another hard and fast, I did this for hours and hours, but still there was nothing, just when I had given up hope, I saw smoke coming out of the wood, I increased my pace and soon there was fire, I gathered the woods around, blowing some wind into the fire for it to increase.

Night had come and I had made some fire, I decided to warm myself up, cause the island was getting cold, I sat close by the fire stretching my limbs, and if I’m lucky some one out there might see the fire and come rescue me.
I didn’t get any fishes but I roasted some crabs to eat for dinner, there was no spices to add flavor on the meat, but it tasted okay.
After the meal, I laid down close to the fire to sleep, as I laid down, I stared at the skies and watched the stars that was in the sky, it was beautiful and shiny….. My mind drifted back to Newyork where all my friends and family were, I just hope they won’t stop looking for us.. I didn’t know what happened to Rashida but I just pray somehow she had survive her ordeal, minutes later I dozed off to sleep.


The next morning, I woke up and stretched myself, the fire I made the previous day was still burning, so I added some more wood to it, and took the spear and knife to go around the island and see if there were any inhabitants, I walked around for hours, I saw some interesting things on the way, there were some parrots and other birds in the island, and not to mention, there was some fruits on this side of the island, I stopped there to rest and eat some of them before I continued going.
As I noticed, there were some hills and small ponds inside the island, the place was just a paradise but like all things there’s a bad side to it, like for example, there were huge snakes and poisonous rodents deep inside the woods, I ran for my life as soon as I saw one, cause if I get bitten by one of them, I’m dead cause there’s no medical center here to treat myself, as I kept strolling the island, I saw some binoculars on shore, it looks like most of the ships items were washed up in this island, I took the binocular and went on my way.

After walking on the sandy shore, I decide to climb the hills to get a full view of the island, it was a hard climb though but I finally got to the top, I looked around and saw the whole island, it wasn’t that big to be precise, I used the binoculars to see things that were far, I could even see the place where I started the fire, as I was looking around, I was a someone on the north side of the island, he or she was stuck on a rock near the shore, so I ran down to see if the person was alive, cause the last thing I want is to be the one alone on this damned island especially seeing those terrible snakes.
As I reached the place, I was shocked and surprised when I saw that it was woman and not to mention the life jacket on the her looked to familiar , I turned her around and shouted in shock, it was Rashida.


I couldn’t believe what I saw, I rubbed my eyes and pinned myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming, it was really Rashida in the flesh, I touched her chest and her heart was beating slowly, she is alive.

Though I prayed for her safety, but of all the people to get stuck with was this snobby b—h, I remembered what Kevin told me about me and her getting trapped in an island and true to his words it had happened, D–n you Kevin!!!

Being stuck with Rashida is most terrible thing that ever happened to me, i remembered clearly what happened between us before the storm got to us, Some thing in my mind was telling me to leave her to die cause she would be a burden on me and besides she would do the same to me, if I was in this situation, I decided to leave her there and go but as I was walking away, I realised despite she was a rotten person, it wasn’t right besides she’s a human being and living her like that, out there like that to die was no different from killing someone, and what would I say to God when I die?

“I left her because she’s a wicked person”


No it isn’t right, I have to save her at least, even if its not for her sake but for the same of folks back home. I picked her up and took her back to my place, she wasn’t that heavy, so walking back to the tent wasn’t that hard.

After I reached there, I placed her in the tent and used my cloth to cover her up cause her clothes was torn in pieces and she was almost naked.
I left her in there to rest for a while, The sun was blaring out in the sky and from my guess, it was noon, I swam closer to the reefs and caught some fishes, I fried them, and eat some, leaving some for Rashida in case she woke up.

Hours later, when the sun was about to go down, Rashida woke up, I quickly rushed to her and checked if she was okay.


Rashida ➡ Oh…… Where am I?….. My head hurts!


Justin ➡ Relax and rest… You’re safe..


Rashida ➡ Who are you?…. Where am I?


Justin ➡ Its me, Justin!


Rashida ➡ Justin???


Justin ➡ Yes its me, how are you feeling?


Sometimes its doesn’t pay, being a good Samaritan cause you might end up, helping an ungrateful person, Here I was trying to offer her some assistance but little did I realise, Rashida had something in mind, as I asked her if she was alright, what I got in return for all my help, was a dirty resounding slap to the face.




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