TOXIC … (18+) … Part 9



“What the hell are you doing in my office? ”
A voice yell and when I turn back, I’m meet with dark eyes.
This is his office? He works here. I didn’t know.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know this is your office, I thought it was mine. ”
I mutter, keeping my head down.

“Of course you wouldn’t know. Why would you? ”
He says, his tone harsh and I gulp in nervously.
According to my calculation, this is supposed to be my office so how come he’s saying this is his and what could his job be?

“I was just joking. It’s yours, Roxanne, isn’t it? ”
He say and I nod twice shifting uncomfortably between one feet and the other.
I don’t know why I’m like this but I feel intimidated around him. It’s like he does something to me and I can’t just raise my head to look at him.
Maybe it’s aura that spells danger or maybe it’s his tattoos and piercings but I just feel awkward.

“My face is up here you know. ”
He say again and I raise my head to look at him only to look away immediately and he laughs.
The sound is a lovely one and I look up at him to see him still laughing with his eyes slightly closed and his dimples popped out.
He really do look hot.
He looks like a model that just walk out of a modelling magazine.

“It seems you like doing rude things Roxanne. It’s rude to stare, you know. ”
He says and I don’t know what it’s about but I love the sound of my name coming out of his mouth.
It just sounds perfect when he calls it and to think that I’m even saying that is a strange thing for me.
Why would I be thinking about the sound of my make on his lips.
Oh Roxanne, what’s wrong with you.
This definitely isn’t how I imagined my first day to be.

“Why are you here anyways, aren’t you supposed to be here at eight? ”
He says and pace across the room, sitting down on the chair comfortably and taking a pen in between his fingers.

“Why are you asking. ”
The words has already dropped before I could process them and I mentally slap myself.
Why the hell would I say such a thing?

His eyes shoot up at me and he smirks.

“Feisty I see, I like that but do you need something to be here early, I could help. ”
He shrugs and I look at him.
I need to know all corners of this building so as to not miss my road next time.

“Can you give me a tour round the building? ”
I ask and he smiles.

“My pleasure. ”


Minutes later and we are already done with the tour. In the meanwhile Ryder told me a few things about him.
He’s Mr Malik’s brother, step brother actually and he just arrived in Orlando. He dropped out of college -i don’t know why that seems obvious anyways – and he started getting tattoos at fifteen.
I wouldn’t deny that the tattoos looks quite good at him and his piercings, Geez he’s hot.
He must have a lot of ladies smother.
He says his first tattoo is a skull which is on his tummy, asked if he could show me but that seems too private so I told him to let it go.
I don’t really know how we arrived at it but he just keeps telling me and I keep asking some question too.
He told me his first piercing is his eyebrow and he loved it so he did others too.
I on the other hand told him my bright days at high school and how much I loved college leaving the part where I got pranked out.
I told him it has always been my dream to work here and for some reasons I just keep talking.

“Your parents? ”
I ask him and he stop walking immediately.
Oh, I forgot he said Mr Malik is his stepbrother so that means his parents are divorced.

“Um, I’m so sorry about that. I didn’t mean to, I was just.. ”

“I think I’ve said too much already. ”
With that, he just walk away and I sigh before taking the stairs back to my office.
What’s it anyways?
We just met and started telling each other things though I can’t deny the fact that I feel like I hurt him or something.

Before going to my office, I take the other stairs to the floor where coffee is served.
I walk in and everyone turn to me before looking away while I walk to the coffee machine.

“You must be new here. ”
A lady says and I look up at her. She has red hair which totally goes with her pale skin and green eyes. She’s a feet taller than me and she’s slim.
She looks exactly like a model and she’s so beautiful.
No too much makeup on her face but the paleness of her skin makes her look naturally beautiful.
The white shirt she’s putting on hung tightly to her skin and the high waist Jean she’s putting on reveals her curves.

“Yes, I work as a personal assistant for Mr Malik. ”

“You must be Roxanne then. ”
She smiles at me and I’m jealous of the way her smile looks so good on her. She look at least four years older than me but how did she know my name so well.

“I’m Anna. ”
She stretch her hand forward and I take it, smiling back.
“I guess you already know my name. ”
I smile and she chuckles, nodding.

“How do you know it though? ”
I ask as I take my coffee filled cup.

“Don’t mind that. I will see you later. ”
I nod and she walks away. She walks majestically even.

My first day is going great so far but I can’t deny the fact that I keep thinking about what happened with Ryder earlier.
Why am I thinking about that? It isn’t my business anyways.


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