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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 82

4 min read




“Alright. Be sure that the error is corrected. You’re free to go. ”
I mutter to my assistant before giving her back the file and she nods and bows before walking out of the office.

I stare at the screen in front of me when the door opens and the heels clicks against the cold tile, giving me the idea that whoever it us that’s coming in surely is of the female gender.

I focus my eyes in the screen when a hand slides up to my thigh, I need not anyone to tell me that it’s Anna and I groan, shaking her hand away before turning my body to face her.

She stares at me, biting down on her lower lip and it really made me wonder why the hell did I fucked the butch in the first place? She looked really hot when I had first saw her but now, she looks really bad. I feel like puking as I remember the times had with her.

“What the fuck do you want Anne? ”
I growl at her, shifting the chair back to create some space between us and she rolls her eyes at me before standing up, between my legs.

“What more do you want me to do Nick. Just how much do I need to show you that I really need you I have been trying all these while but you have been refusing to pay attention to me, you’re not looking at me, all you’re concerned about is that bitch. Ever since she came, you haven’t been paying, attention to me anymore. You know you’re the reason I’m in this company and I’m still staying here because I want you. I know that you still feel something for me. I know you miss.. ”
She trails off, moving closer to me and trailing her long finger up to my chest.

Why haven’t I fire this bitch already?
She knows how to do her job and I seriously thought that she had given up in trying to get back together with me but obviously I was wrong cause she’s just strong headed.

“Don’t call her that. ”
I warn, slapping her hand away from me once again and standing up, staring at her.

She rolls her eyes once again at me before standing up, walking over to me.

“I will call her that cause that’s exactly what she is. A fucking bitch! I know you still want me Nick, why are you trying to deny this?! ”

“Anna! ”
I yell, my blood boiling.
“One word. Just one more word from me and I swear that you will regret it. ”

She stares and begins to move even more closer to me before she wraps her fists around my shirt and pulling me down towards her.

I push her back immediately. She really irritates me with her actions.
She stares at me with her eyes widened and just as I open my mouth to speak up, the door opens immediately. Revealing someone I never thought I would see.


Who’s that 😋😋😋


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