TOXIC … (18+) … Part 8



The alarm goes off loudly and I groan before stretching my hand across to turn it off.
I couldn’t reach it and I hiss before sitting up on the bed and rubbing my eyes.
I stretch my arm and turn off the alarm.
Just six thirty.

I get up from the bed and yawn a little before packing my hair in a ponytail and walking over to the bathroom.
I apply paste on my toothbrush and stare at my reflection in the mirror, brushing my teeth.

I step under the shower after pulling off my clothes and turn the water to hot, allowing it to cool off my relaxed muscles.
I close my eyes and the water feels cool against my skin.

I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrap round my body and another wrapped round my hair.

After applying my lotion, I put on my underwear and my clothes which is neatly straightened in my closet.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror and debate whether or not to apply powder. I don’t really do makeup. I see it as a fashion material tool that those skinny models and over confidence lost teenagers apply just to feel good about themselves and perhaps feel more matured.
To me, it’s just a material tool that blinds you from seeing and loving your natural beautiful real self.

I finally decide not to put it on and I let my long hair fall down my shoulder before stepping in my flat black sandals.
My gaze goes to the clock and it’s seven twenty already.
I grab my bag , a jacket and the plate of pudding from yesterday before walking out of my room, making sure I lock it.
The last time I forgot to lock my door, Sophia messed it up.
My clothes. Underwear. My books. Everything was scattered around the room with the excuse that he’s looking for her phone pack. Is that not just a stupid excuse?

“The hero is here. ”
Sophia mutters, coming out of the kitchen with syrup in her hands.
We are having pancakes?
Thank you mother. Thanks to Sophia, o forgot to remind her to prepare something light for breakfast but this one does it too. It’s perfect.

“Good morning mom. ”
I greet her with a smile as I drop my plate in the sink and she smiles at me before flipping the pancake.

“Morning Roxy. How was your night and your headache? ”
Oh, I forgot about my fake headache.

“Feeling much better now. Thanks mom. ”
I peck her cheeks and sniff in the air dramatically.

“Something smells nice Zoe”
I tease her and she raise the spatula up to hit me but I chuckle and dodge it.

“Are you gonna keep joking there or are you gonna come help me set up the table here. ”
Sophia voice booms from the dining and I roll my eyes.

“Roxanne stop being rude. Go and help your sister.”
Mother scolds and I mimic her dramatically before walking to the dining carrying glasses of water.

We just set up the table in silence and I’m surprised she didn’t say anything.
By now, she would have found something to tease me with or perhaps fight me about. Did she got tired?
Maybe after giving her a piece of my mind yesterday, she decides to give up.

Mother comes in with the pancakes and father comes down the stairs before we all settle down to eat.

“Hmm hmm.. ”
Father coos closing his eyes as he munches the pancakes and mother release a soft chuckle.

“This is why I married you Zoe. ”
Dad says after gulping down the water.

“You’re serious? You didn’t marry me because you love me? ”
Mom frowns and father chuckles.

“No babe. I married you cause of both. ”
Dad winks at her and she blushes while my eyes widens.
I never saw my parents as one that will be lovey dovey to one another and all over each other.
I thought they love to go with the flow. Protect their reputation and all holy.
Who knew they could be like this?

“I’m done. I have to get to work. ”
I announce, wiping my mouth with the napkin.

“Already? it’s just seven forty. ”
Dad says and I nod.

“Yea, I plan to take a tour around the building to get more familiar with it.”
I breathe out and they all stare at me as if I’ve said something wrong.

“Didn’t you start yesterday? Isn’t that supposed to be done yesterday already? ”
Mother says and I gulp in.
Shit! I forgot I told them I resumed yesterday already.

“Yea, that’s right but there was too much work to do yesterday so I didn’t have much spare time to do that. That’s why I’m going early today. ”
I cover my stupid declaration with a lie and they seem convinced.

“Okay. Good luck then and be careful. ”
Mom says and I nod before walking around the table to give her a kiss, doing the same to dad and rolling my eyes at Sophia I grab my jacket and walk out of the house.

The day starts now.

“Thank you. ”
I smile at the driver and he nods before driving away while I make my way inside the building.

I bow to everyone I meet including the receptionist I saw yesterday before taking the elevator to Mr Malik floor.
Why is this place named queens global anyways if the owner goes with the name Malik?

How is that any of your business, you’re here to work.
My subconscious jumps in and I roll my eyes before stopping at the door of Mr Malik office.

Where is my office again? I forgot to ask yesterday.

I look round the hall and a office is facing his. That should be it, I mean a personal assistant office always face the boss, right?

I stride across the hall and open the door, a small gasp escaping through my throat as I stare at the office.
Wow. It’s beautiful and spacious.
Even bigger than my room.

I can see the city from here.
I drop my bag and giggle, swirling round the room.

“What the fuck are you doing in my office?! ”
That voice made me stop immediately.


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