TOXIC … (18+) … Part 77




He drops me in front of the house and I breathe out before stepping out of the car, taking my bag with me and I stare at my house before turning back to him.
It’s already getting late. Almost seven when I checked earlier on my phone.

Nick walks towards me and stares at me, without saying anything.

“Thanks for coming and honoring my mother’s invitation. It really means a lot to her and I’m sorry about what happened between you and Ryder cause it happened because of me. I hope you two sort things out later. ”
I smile and nod and he nods also before staring at me, not saying anything.
I sigh as my gaze goes to his lips unconsciously.
What is this feeling?
Why am I always feeling like kissing him? I just don’t understand exactly.
My body just seems to react in their own.

I stare down at my feet, Forcefully removing my gaze from his lips.

“Um, I will go inside now. ”
I mutter and he nods before watching as while I turn around and take slow unsteady steps towards the house.

I turn back and he’s still staring at me.
I breathe out before walking over to him, so close to him.

“Nick… ”
I call and he stares down at me, his breathing matching mine. “I want to do something. ”
I whisper.
I have to do it. I can’t control it, I have to. I wouldn’t be at rest if I don’t.

“What? ”
His response is small and his breath is hot on my face.

“Something you might not like. Something that I will end up regretting but I have to do it anyways … actually, I might not regret it. I don’t know but I just have to do it. It’s wrong but I have to. ”
I gulp in, taking another step closer to him, my body brushing against his.

“What’s it? ”
He asks, his eyes darkening with each second that passes.

“I have to kiss you. ”
It’s stupid and selfish but I can’t help it.
It’s almost like its in his kisses that I get life from. I feel uncomfortable and uneasy when I don’t do it.

“I… ”
He leans down a little bit towards me but suddenly pulls away, standing away from me. His face holding a serious expression.

“You can’t… ”
He mutters and I stare at him, trying to take another step towards him but he holds up his hand to stop me.

“Don’t. You can’t do this. Not when you’re with Ryder. Not when you’re with my brother, I won’t be your cheating machine miss Brown. ”
With that, he walks inside the car and drive away, leaving me in the middle of the house, staring at his car with my breathing hard and my heart beating faster.

I won’t be your cheating machine. Miss Brown.

His voice resounds in my head and I gulp in before turning back and walking inside the house.


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