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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 76

4 min read




“Where have you been Ryder. ”
I say again, taking a step closer to him as I stare at him waiting for him to say something but he’s saying nothing but just look away from me. Staring at the wall.

“Ryder. What happened? Where were you? ”
I ask, this time raising my voice a little and he turns back to me, his eyes blazing abd I gulp in.

“I went somewhere, okay ?! Geez! Stop questioning me as if I’m some sort of kid. I can go any fucking where anytime I want to. You are my girlfriend. You are not my mother! ”
He says so harshly and I swallow down the tears that are threatening to fall.

“You went out and you think it’s wrong for your girlfriend to ask where you had been? Do you know how worried I had been about you?! ”
I yell, I don’t really care if they are hearing us downstairs right now.
I don’t anymore. I know he’s keeping something from me and whatever that is, I know it’s something that won’t be so pleased to find out.

“Worried about me? Do you really have the right to tell me that you were worried about me? I just met you together here with Nick, having such a nice time and laughing and you’re saying you were worried about me?! ”

“Having dinner at your father’s house had nothing to do with this and Nick is your stepbrother! I didn’t do anything to him! ”
I feel guilty each time I say that but he’s taking this just too far and I can feel my own patience slowly slipping away.

“You should stop saying that. It was just a dinner, nothing else and of course , I was worried about you .
You are my boyfriend but of course now I see that it doesn’t really matter to you.
You just want to be with me just for the sake of been with me! ”
I snap, heading towards the door when he pulls me back by the wrist with his eyes widen.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going? ”
I shake my head and jerk my hand away from him, stepping towards the door and walking out of the room.

I take the stairs back to the living room avd only Nick is left in the living room.
I sigh before walking over to him and he stands up upon seeing me.

“Are you okay? I thought I heard yelling. ”
He says, looking back behind me and I smile before nodding my gaze.

“Yeah, I’m okay. Everything is fine, can we go please and Where is Ella? I will like to say goodbye. ”
He stares at me first while before nodding.

“She went back inside with her husband. Are you sure you want to leave here with me when he’s here? ”
He nods his head towards upstairs and I know who he’s talking about already.

“Yeah, I’m sure. He’s been..
Stubborn and I can’t handle him right now. I will talk with him when he calms when. ”
I smile at him and he nods before we both walk out of the house, heading towards the car.
By now, I had thought Ryder would follow me and tell me not to go especially after he knows I will go with Nick but of course, he didn’t.

I lay my head against the window as Nick drives pass the street.
I don’t know why he’s so angry at this exactly.

I don’t know but I know this dinner isn’t the only thing he’s angry about.
He’s keeping something from me.
What exactly could that be?


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