TOXIC … (18+) … Part 75




I turn to look at Nick and he doesn’t look any way surprised, Nick’s mother has a smile across her Lips and Ryder’s father looks like he just saw everything he needs.
I turn to look at Ryder who glares at me with a look that day ‘What the hell do you think you are doing right now? ‘

I gulp in and stare down at my feet while Ella gets up and walk towards him. I hope she doesn’t say anything that upsets him further than he already is.

I know he’s angry with me here with Nick especially but I am not doing anything wrong, I just came here to visit his mother who had politely invite me here.

Oh really? You didn’t do anything wrong when you almost fuck his stepbrother in his room.

I can feel my subconscious rolling her eyes at me and the pang of guilt hits me like a high tide wave.
I suddenly feel so bad of myself but the most surprising thing about this is that even after I felt guilty, I still don’t regret what had happened.
Even though I know that it’s not right, I still don’t regret kissing him and that’s so weird.
“Why the hell is she here? ”
He asks, coming closer to us and I take in a deep breath, standing up from my seat and walking around the room to get to him.

“I invited her. Mother wants to see her. ”
Nick says and I watch Ryder’s jaw tightens.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?! What does your mother wants with my girlfriend?! ”
He yells, his face red as he stares at each and everyone of them while I watch Nick’s mother eyes widens.
That’s right. She doesn’t know that I’m dating Ryder. That’s why she keeps saying I look good together with Nick.

“Your girlfriend? ”
She whiskers before staring down at Nick whose eyes are focused on Ryder and the way his pupils blows made me always pace across the room and tell him that.. Well, maybe hug him but that couldn’t he possible.
Ryder would lose it and then, I will have to watch the mess that I created.

“Yes, my girlfriend. Is this some sort of matchmaking or something?!”
I look towards Ryder father. Wondering why he hasn’t say anything about what’s happening. Not that it corcerns him but still…

“No, that wasn’t what I was doing. I didn’t know she’s your girlfriend… ”

“Of course you don’t! ”
He hisses, cutting the woman’s when’s rudely before grabbing my hand and pulling me along with him and I can hear Ella asking something from Nick as Ryder pulls me into a room, locking the door behind him and the look he had on when he turned have to be made me so scared.

“You think it’s alright to start hanging around my stepbrother and his fucking mother now? What the hell is wrong with you? ”
He yells, flying his hands into the air dramatically and I roll my eyes.

“I didn’t do anything wrong.. ”
I kissed your Stepbruther. “I only accepted a invitation and I think you’re overreacting also. There’s nothing going on here. ”
Except that I want more apart from the kiss. “It was just a nice lunch that was going well until you arrived. Where have you been anyways?! ”

“Of course it would go nice when you were having such a nice time with them. ”
He snaps, moving around and ignoring the part where I asked about where he had been.
Why do I feel like he’s hiding something from me?

“Where have you been? ”
I ask again, this time calmer and my voice barely coming out as a whisper and he turns look to me, letting me know that whatever it us that’s coming. I wouldn’t like it.


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