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September 20, 2020

Cool Stories 22

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TOXIC … (18+) … Part 73

4 min read




His mouth is warm against mine and he pushes easily into my mouth, his tongue sliding against mine as I let out a silent moan and wrap my arms around his neck, my hand going to his hair as my fingers laced into it and I tug at the roots.
He pins me to the wall, his body pushing against mine as he grabs my kegs and wrap my legs around his waist.
I groan against his lips as he leaves my lips and trail kisses down my neck and I want to try and remember what is wrong and why I shouldn’t be doing this but I just can’t seem to find out why I shouldn’t be doing this.
I can’t think. My senses are gone and all I’m thinking about is the way his lips feels against mine and the way my body all reacts to his touch and his kisses.

Goosebumps rises in my skin as he kisses all the way back to my lip, nibbling at my lower lip and pulling it between his teeth while pulling the upper one and sucking on it.
His kisses are warm but yet they feel so rough and filled with passion I can’t make out what it is.

I sigh into the kiss and his hands goes to my waist, going down slowly and dig into my skin, brushing past the silky material of the dress and he rests his cold hand against my bare skin.

A phone vibrates and it takes me a moment before I realize that the sound is coming from him and my own phone is downstairs, at the dining table.

The phone rings again but he isn’t pulling away, he continues kissing me pulling me in. Pushing his body against mine and I want more and more but still, I still feel like something is not right here.
I have tried thinking about what could be wrong but I just can’t place what it us.

The phone rings again and this time he pulls away, groaning as he drops me down on my feet and smile at me before staying a few meters away from me, giving me enough space and time to think about what us happening.
Oh god. I can’t believe this just happened. I.. I can’t believe i just kissed him.
I hat kiss Nick and it was getting more than a single kiss. I kissed him. Ryder’s stepbrother.

And just like that, my brain registers with it and I finally realize why it is that I feel like something is wrong.
He is Ryder’s stepbrother and I’m dating Ryder.
Oh god, this can’t be happening.

I wipe my palm down my face and turn to see Nick walking back towards me.
He closes the distance between us again and I shake my head, stepping away from him and I watch his face twitches.

“We can’t. Ryder.. I’m with Ryder. ”
I breathe out and he stares at me, not saying anything before nodding and looking away from me.
I had thought he was gonna say something but he’s saying nothing?

“We better get back down there. ”
He says, his voice barely a whisper and I gulp in before nodding and stepping out of the room.
Now, I feel guilty and I don’t know what to do.
What the hell is wrong with me?! I should have pulled back immediately his lips meets with mine but I didn’t.
It felt as though I wanted that to happen.
As though I wanted him to kiss me the way he did.

But that couldn’t be, right?


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